Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mechanical Turk Review of My Art #38

This is a project where I pay workers on Amazon's Mechanical Turk to review my art and website and pay them $5 for 500 words. This is the 38th review I've received:

"The Please No Photos piece is eye catching, being the first thing you see when visiting Checking it out further it was actually for a good cause, its a vocal piece that lets people know we do not want to be monitored on a twenty four seven basis. Also found his earlier works to be really enjoyable. Especially the photos of the ball sack thongs, they were hilarious! Paul Shortt your works are hilarious, I also enjoyed seeing the ""contemporary farewells"" just something to get people laughing, who knows maybe even trying a few for a friendly laugh. I myself have been performing the cellphone bow for years now. This is where you approach your friend while looking down at your phone, look up at your friend and then back down at your phone again. My friend danny does the interesting point, this one is where you point your finger straight out and wave your hand back and forth, except i never reciprocated with the whole waving back part and doing it as well. If you have at least twenty five minutes you can gain from a good laugh if you watch the video that follows in the end of contemporary farewells. This is a soap box performance of Contemporary farewells as part of Hillyer Art Spaces Soapbox performing art series in Washington D.C.. The next most interesting thing to catch my eye was the missed connections section. I thought this could be really funny in reference to the craigslist add for missed connections. when I read on I realized he was reflecting on the lonlieness and disconnection in online dating. I couldn't help but watch the video and I'm glad I did it seems to be a parody on people rereading craigslist add with a video circling the area of where it could have supposedly been for example ""Thursday mall red lobster man dining alone"" LOL is all I can say watch this under missed connections!

This artist is very literal so I checked out literally and physically. The picture of the carpet makes me feel like you could sell that. That's art people can get use out of and joy through. I really enjoyed it and I want to order one now ROFL! In how to be narcissistic people were given a choice of name tags describing a specific narcissistic trait such as, ""I take advantage of other people to achieve my own goals"" and then proceeded to post 5 photos to a social networking cite with egotistical statements such as Me! me! me! on them and created an award for themselves and even gave speeches in a short video at the end this was very entertaining! Still I would have to say I enjoyed the missed connections section the best and even posted the video to my facebook page for my friends to see because I know they would appreciate it too! Its always nice to find a new artist who can see the world in a similar light but also in so many varieties of it."