Sunday, March 04, 2007

New Installation

“When you first walk you have to push yourself through the soft squishy sacks. Then your feet sink in and the sound changes…”

This installation grew out of a need to create a space to perform in. In planning I kept being pulled towards warm, enclosed spaces and finally decided to create a womb like environment. I wanted to work with an existing space and choose a corner of the painting building. I did a performance last year in a corner, where I hump the corner and seem to be in time out. Moving away from that I wanted to push myself literally through a corner. My new animations have begun to focus on the female form while exploring line and shape, and to bridge my performances together with my animations I decided to make the outside of the space extremely vaginal.

The structure is made of foam and wood and the floor is made of layers of memory foam. While my performance piece is still in the works, I plan to change the environment of the piece until it’s taken down.