Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Printing My Blog as a Journal/Zine

I'm in the beginning stages of turning this blog into a published journal/zine.  I've come to this decision because I think print and analysis about an art scene are important. I believe we define what is going on by our actions, and that reflection and analysis are essential in the growth of the culture.  This will be my attempt to start a larger discussion about what it means to be an artist working in Kansas City.

Below I will answer a couple questions about this project:

Why go from online to print when so many other journals and newspapers are switching to online?

Because there is a hole here without.  I think cataloging the history of the arts and culture here in Kansas City is important.  Collecting the stories in print, as opposed to scrolling through blog post.

Do you think it's possible to find a readership for a half-assed blog in print?

Well those are the questions I've been asking myself. My blog in the beginning was a way to showcase what I was doing, but as time went on I started to become more interested in showcasing the art shows and events around Kansas City and surrounding areas.   My online presence now is a satellite, showcasing KC to the world, where as, I see the print version of it being more localized and appealing to the art audience here.

Also a journal is not made up solely of one voice, but of the many voices that inhabit that scene. I think Kansas City has a lot of great artist, writers, curators etc... and that by approaching them to work locally and contribute that we can reflect and then redefine what a print magazine is to this city.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My Show Closes on Thursday


Urban Culture Project Space, 21 East 12th Street, Kansas City, MO

Monday, June 01, 2009

KCAI Painting

Here are photos from KCAI's Painting end of semester show
(the work above is mine and Eduardo Boleyn Velazquez video projections)
Brad Williams, 20 artist I know photographs.

Tom Hembre


Rhiannon Birdsall

Andrew Cimeli 

Gillian Tobin

Chloe Collomp

Ashley Wick

Caroline Sulek

Clayton Skidmore

Clayton Skidmore

Chloe Collomp

Fernando Rameriz

Chris Biddy

Rhiannon Birdsall

Justin Kroman

Rhiannon Birdsall

Eduardo Boleyn Velazquez

Kristi O'Meara

Tom Hembre

Erick Figueroa