Monday, May 26, 2008

Fall Into Summer Hunger: Marcie Miller Gross at Review Studios

Marcie Miller Gross’s fiber work opened at Review Studios Gallery space on Friday May 9th. And brought out Kansas City’s Art Scene. Walking into the space I was greeted by a large amount of Boulevard Wheat Beers alongside piles of cashews, Strawberry’s and even a bowl of Jelly Belly jellybeans. I took my time gathering a plate of food and beer and moving through the crowd of mostly late 30’s to 40’s Kansas City artist and entered the gallery.

Marcie Miller Gross’s work mostly works with industrial and medical cloths and felt usually folded and stacked. She sees her work as dealing with weight, density, and equilibrium finding parallels to the body and human conditions.

Eating a strawberry I looked up at the wall of sweaters which looked like it had been stacked and cut, and then evenly hung and placed by each other like wind chimes flattened. Noticing familiar sweater patterns I thought these pieces would look great next to the pile of winter sweaters lazily thrown in my closet.

Next to this piece laid strands of colored strings hung in pairs loosely on the wall with each pair of strands forming specific loops, and knots with the occasional string jetting out and connecting to each other. The colors predominantly dark reds, greens, and blues covered over half the wall and seemed to be the strongest work in the show with the physicality and frailness of the strands evoking the looseness and strength of human connections.

Opening my beer and licking up the salt from my cashew I stopped and looked at the work on the floor. Strewn across the floor were several 3 foot long pieces of felt in Gap Fall colors of orange, heather grey, emerald blue, and dark green each individually sewn together in the middle, in shapes resembling snowboards. I contemplated that perhaps Miller-Gross had a son who was into skate boarding and snowboards, and perhaps that this was an influence? Outside of that notion the work didn’t seem to activate the space, or my mind in the same way as the strands.

Quickly glancing back up I wondered passed the Kansas City art elite ending on a wall housing a long wide block of one inch dial pieces of felt stacked on top of each other. The dark auburn colors seemed to evoke fall while also coming too close again at looking like cut up Gap sweaters further invoking memories of fall, and winter. Wandering out of the gallery to grab more beer and cashews I wondered whether I had spent more time looking at art, or filling my stomach.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

CiCi's Pizza Video

This is a video I made with Mark Ridgeway and Erin Hinz documenting our experience at CiCi's Buffet Pizza.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Korean Folk

My Friend Joe sent me these Korean folk videos. The second one is crazy.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Robert Rauschenberg

Former KCAI student Robert Rauschenberg passed away yesterday at age 82.

End of Semester Shows At KCAI

David Harrison's sophmores tried to get in the game and even made some pretty hip posters for their show.

Charlie Mylie's Halo art.

Casey Whitter

Casey Whitter

Casey Whitter

Ashley Burskey

Brandon Beard

Ryan Macdonald

Rhiannon Birdsall

Justin Kroman

Will Willmont

A Part: Marcie Miller Gross

A Part: Marcie Miller Gross

Review Studios
1708 Campell
Kansas City, Missouri

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Rain Garden Dedication Ceremony

Dedication ceremony of Rain garden with former Mayor Kay Barnes, who started the 10,000 Rain gardens initiative to deal with the storm water and sewer problems of the city.
The Rain garden. Which uses native plants of the plains that absorb more water into the ground causing less storm run off.

Seed Bombs to take away

Text stones my class designed for the garden to be taken away.

Show Instaltion

This is where Ben Jones tagged our show with his show flyer after some of his show flyers got covered by some of our flyers.


A cracked out or drunk guy we saw hanging out by the bus stop everyday we installed decided to stand in the middle of the street motioning at cars like he was God blocking traffic until the police arrived.