Sunday, October 29, 2006


I saw this on my walk to school the other day. It captures the suttle reflections that I need to stop and enjoy more often.

This is a drawing from the first stop motion animation I created last week. I find myself attracted to the traces of the old character that are left behind and intrested in the vortex that is created where the character once was. I will upload the videos as soon as I add sound to them.

This is another experiment. It plays more with perspective and the architecture of the space.

Monday, October 16, 2006


I shot 3 different videos over the weekend in the same space using two cameras at two different angles. This time instead of being slapped I was given permission to slap three different girls. This changes the slaps for it becomes violent and less humorous because I’m slapping girls, which Is socially wrong. But in the videos it’s obvious that they are willing participants in the exchange. They begin to critique the way I hit them, and the videos become more about how I slap like a pansy. I’m given tips on how to slap them with more force. They give me permission to hit them but to not hurt them.

I found in these videos that I’ve become more aware of my size, I see more of a contrast in my size in relation to these girls that I’m not aware of normally. As well I notice that there’s a line I don’t cross. I never go too far; I never lose control.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Text Teasers

I don’t get it lately I’ve been plagued by a number of the text teasers. They text me messages like what up G? And I being an idiot stupidly take the bait and text them back. What follows is a tirade of messages back and fourth that seemingly could go on for hours. They use acronyms like LOL and WTF. My favorites are the girls I’ve been texting and when I call they don’t pick up. Because they really don’t want to talk to me, they actually have no interest in even dating me. They’re just afraid of being alone. Constantly tapping away on their phones when they can’t get to a computer to post Myspace bulletins.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


These were some experiments with adding color to the drawings. They seem to lose something with color added to them.

New Drawings

These drawings are partly about attention. Wanting the spotlight, even starving for it but being weary of completely going into it. The character is an undefined mold that is constantly morphing and changing. The time element of these pieces is non-linear, the different characters in the drawing are all the same person just at different times. The drawings take place in a spotlight and on a stage with much of the action taking place behind the scenes. Making visible vulnerabilities I seem all to willing to display.


These images are stills from videos I shot where I asked girls to slap me. I like that these slaps where staged. I'm expecting the slap, like expecting a certain rejection. i found in the begining of doing this that I couldn't look the girl in the eye, I diverted my eyes and wanted to laugh.In the last videos I did i started to look the girl right in the face, and laugh at the absurdity of the situation.

I find visually i'm more attracted to the image of me being slapped then to the videos.

Anti-Personal Ad Business Cards,

This project grew from the idea of selling an idea of myself. I have one thousand of these business cards that list negative aspects of my character, and previous relationships. I have to give them out to anyone I meet and I am not allowed to take a card once given away.

This is an update of a project I did earlier this year, the main difference being that I put my name on it this time and linked it to a Myspace account. I've also started a blog where you can post your own personal ad.