Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Favorite Kansas City Art Shows of 2008

Lester Goldman retrospective downtown, and new found works at his former Studio.

William Pope L. 's Flag the Kansas City Municipal Auditorium in conjunction with his show at Grand Arts. 

Mark Southerland's Urban Noise Camp Perfomance at the Copenhagen Stage as part of the Charlotte Street Foundation's First Performance awards.

Miles Neidinger and Justin Farkas this past July at Urban Culture Project's La Esquina.

Favorite Blogs of 2008

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rhiannon Birdsall

This is the work of my friend Rhiannon Bridsall. The work above is her first name written with the last name of the boys she dated through elementary and High school.  The work below is all the boys she like in Elementary school, and the last one well, check it out.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


INFOstructure a show of new and emerging artist from Kansas City is up at Studio 405, a 2400 sq ft loft space above the Leedy Voulkous Art Center.    Sorry about the shakiness and low quality of some of the images, my real camera is on vacation and I had to use my old point and click.  The show was really, good with great food, and good art.  This was the first show the gallery/studio/living space of Dan and Heather and I expect they'll be more great shows there.  The Exhibition is open by appointment only now through January 9th, to schedule in appointment e-mail

Robert Heishman

Heather lamanno

Heather Lamanno

Jesses Mcacaffee

Jesse Mccaffee

Robert Heishman

Dan Lough