Friday, September 21, 2007

I’m an amateur egoist

Narcissism, we are all guilty of it whether we admit it or not. After watching a documentary called The Cruise, about Timothy “Speed” Levitch a New York City double-decker tour bus guide, I adopted one of his rants as my tag line. “Your Narcissism is Mediocre.” I enjoyed his character and idealism in thinking that he could change people while giving them a tour of the city, and also that he was there to meet women.

But something about this line fit my own views on narcissism. Having spent a few years wandering I’ve spent the past 5 years growing and learning about myself, and letting my self-love lead me to Art School. Which is a safe place to grow and indulge your interest. A place that embraces narcissim.

In an effort to take my own narcissism to the next level I’ve been collecting drawings other people have done of me while in art school. The images below come from Sarah Luther, Alison Ducote, Clayton Skidmore and Ankur Dasai.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007