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Upcoming Exhibition Deadlines - March 4th, 2012-- March 10th, 2012

Call for Artists: "Evil Is Interesting" (IN CHICAGO)

Call Type: Exhibitions
Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 3/7/2012
Eligibility: International
We are currently accepting works in all media for the following exhibition. Submissions should be made to Michael Workman/Antidote Projects at Please include JPGs no larger than 10mg, a statement or proposal and CV. Deadline for all submissions is March 7, 2012.


March 23 - April 21

Antena Gallery

1765 S. Laflin, St.
Chicago, IL 60608
antenapilsen (at)
Hours: by appointment

Curated by Michael Workman/Antidote Projects


“Fascism … also stands for an ideal or rather ideals that are persistent today under the other banners: the ideal of life as art, the cult of beauty, the fetishism of courage, the dissolution of alienation in ecstatic feelings of community; the repudiation of the intellect; the family of man (under the parenthood of leaders).” –Susan Sontag, Fascinating Fascism

This exhibition interrogates the seductiveness and glamour of evil. Evil, after all, is adept at projecting a certain kind of charm. We cherish the antics of our TV and motion picture villains in all their insouciant brutality and eroticized violence. But evil can also exert a subtle charm in the allure of its ability to feign a release from life’s problems. Accepting the Faustian bargain of evil offerings requires a willingness to enter into a complicity with that evil, and to sacrifice the ideals of the “good life” that we aspire to. It is arguable that consenting to evil is always an intimate choice, with the goal of manipulating its victims into rejecting their own self-worth and, in consequence, to giving away control over the direction of their own life-course, now subsumed in service to evil. This can take place on the level of an intimate personal relationship, as in the instance of a rakish seduction, or on the level of an entire culture, as the history of fascism has shown.

Borrowing from a diverse range of artists from Filippo Marinetti, Rirkrit Tiranamija, Yves Klein and Wyndham Lewis, the exhibition space will be converted into a domestic backdrop against which objects, activities and more will form a totalized artistic environment. Visitors will be invited to interact with this environment while performances are conducted in the manner of a teatro totale. The question of the allure of evil will be interrogated both in objects that compose the environment, in performances both interactive with the audience, and in those acted out as if no audience were present. Video documentation of these performances will be presented following their presentation, and presented thereafter as a documentary component of the exhibition.


ANTIDOTE is a roving, independent curatorial and exhibition platform co-founded by Michael Workman and Berlin-based sculptor Edouard Steinhauer in 2009. Conceived as an occasional project-based initiative, ANTIDOTE does not take on artists for career representation, preferring instead a collaborative approach to the cultivation of unconventional formal approaches to audience engagement. ANTIDOTE serves as an independent curatorial platform to advocate for and disseminate the works of underrepresented artists, specifically through special presentations and exhibitions at art fairs, publications, educational programming, and other nontraditional forms of curatorial programming, with an aim to exploring unorthodox distribution systems for disseminating artist’s works. ANTIDOTE only showcases artists who have been carefully selected for visual work that consistently centers on the development of intricate imaginative world or system-based constructions, dematerialization of traditional forms, and/or whose work otherwise counters the purely object-based approach to art-making. As such, often these artists have been overlooked by the art world, since their approach often problematizes the conventions of or confounds audience expectations surrounding the industry’s cultivated preference for traditional object-based modes.

ANTIDOTE Facebook fan page:

Contact Information
Contact Name: Michael Workman

Interdisciplinary Art Residency Program at The Compound Gallery & Studios (PLEASE NOTE DEADLINE IS MARCH 1st.)

Type: Residencies, Workshops, Exchanges [View all]
Posted by: The Compound Gallery & Studios
Deadline: 03/01/12

We are offering 6 month residencies with complete access to all our facilities including flat file storage, bench (wood/metalshop), and locker space to store your creative tools. Our goal is to give artists the opportunity to expand his/her art practice by providing access to a variety of equipment in an inspiring and creative environment. Artists with an interest in interdisciplinary work will be considered first. Residencies are for 6 months and application deadlines are March 1 or September 1. Apply at

The online application includes: an artist’s statement, CV, bio, proposed projects, and links to website/images. Pay $25 fee at OR send a check to: the Compound Gallery, 1167 65th st. Oakland, CA 94608. (Payable to The Compound Gallery.) Please make sure your name is on the check. Notification via email March and September.

Artist-in-Residence: Badlands National Park (ONGOING)

Call Type: Residencies, Workshops, Exchanges
Deadline Type: ongoing
Deadline: Deadlines vary for each residency, general residency is ongoing
Eligibility: Chicago
The Artist in Residence program at Badlands National Park was founded in 1996 and is open to all professional artists. Writers, composers and all visual and performing artists are invited to interpret this wind-swept environment through their work. The program provides time for artists to get away from everyday responsibilities to focus on their surroundings and their medium.

Many visual artists have served residencies at the Badlands to furthur their personal artistic pursuits. These include painters, sculptors, ceramists, and printmakers.

Painters - Visual Artists Gallery
Artist Statements

Poets, writers, and composers represent an important aspect of the Artist in Residence program. These artists have found creative inspiration within the Badlands to produce written word and compositions of musical expression.

Poets - Writers - Composers Gallery

Due to a lack of gallery space within the public park facilities, most of the artwork submissions are not on display for the public to view. This online gallery provides a virtual display space, making the artwork accessible for the public to view and enjoy. For a closer look, check out the Artist in Residence video podcast and hear the voices of former artists.

For information on how to apply, see the Artist in Residence site bulletin.

Contact Information
Contact Information:
Badlands National Park - Artist in Residence Program:
25216 Ben Reifel Rd.
Interior, South Dakota 57750
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Calls for Submissions for Special Exhibitions on Governors Island

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Posted by: FIGMENT
Deadline: 03/08/12

FIGMENT seeks submissions for its summer-long exhibitions on Governors Island in New York City. FIGMENT is a free, annual celebration of participatory art and culture. In 2011, FIGMENT was voted “Best Art Festival” by the Village Voice. FIGMENT hosts a summer-long program on Governors Island that includes an an artist-designed minigolf course, interactive sculpture garden, and an architectural pavilion that is the result of a collaboration with ENYA and SEAoNY.

FIGMENT seeks proposals for the following special exhibitions:

Minigolf: FIGMENT seeks proposals for single minigolf holes that follow the 2012 theme, "arcade."

Sculpture Garden: FIGMENT seeks proposals for its interactive sculpture garden.

Pavilion: FIGMENT, ENYA and SEAoNY seek submissions for the design of the 2013 City of Dreams Pavilion.

More information in the "special exhibitions" tab of:

2012/13 Exhibition Season
Kirkland Art Center

(Clinton NY)
The KIRKLAND ART CENTER in Clinton, NY seeks submissions for its 2012/2013 exhibition season of seven 2-3 person, and larger group exhibitions lasting six weeks. All visual art media accepted.

The gallery is the main room of a former Methodist church with a forty-year track record of showing the work of regional and national contemporary artists. There is uninterrupted wall space along two 47-foot walls with 16 foot ceilings. Adjustable track lighting runs parallel to each wall. The gallery is a multi-purpose room with classes and concerts being held in the space at various times.

The KAC will be responsible for one-way transportation and publicity, including: announcement cards, press releases, web page, email blasts, and Facebook entries. Reception with refreshments provided, usually on a Sunday from 3 – 5pm. The gallery is open to the public weekdays, occasional weekends and by appointment. All artwork is insured while on premises.

35% of any sale goes to the KAC.

Selection will be based on quality of the work presented for review. All interested artists must submit an application to be considered. The KAC exhibition committee is comprised of working artists, art and museum professionals, and KAC staff who select and schedule exhibitions. The committee convenes for the selection process approx. 1x per year.

Please submit:
- One CD with up to 10 JPEG images, 72dpi, 1000ppi on longest side, clearly labeled with artist’s name, title of work, date of work, medium, and dimensions
- On the same CD a list of the images submitted, saved as a pdf or .doc
- A one page resume and Artist Statement from which PR information may be taken, also saved as a pdf or .doc

Send to Kirkland Art Center, PO Box 213, Clinton, NY 13323, Attn: Exhibitions


Call 315-853-8871 from 9:30 to 4:30 M-F; or email
Visit for more information and photos.


Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Deadline: 03/08/12

Exhibition Dates: March 21 - April 7
Entry Deadline: Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dacia Gallery invites emerging and established artists to submit your photography for an opportunity to
participate in a group exhibition. This is our first-ever Open Call for an all photography exhibition at
Dacia Gallery. We are looking for new talented photographers with creative work either in black and white,
color or digital photography. The gallery will advertise and promote the selected photographers for the
exhibition and host a formal Opening Reception for the exhibit, including an Artist Talk during the
opening reception.

To submit and for more info please visit:

Dacia Gallery
53 Stanton St.
New York, NY 10002

Animal Facts, Fairy Tales and Fictions

Call Type: Exhibitions
Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 3/5/2012
Eligibility: Chicago
From the past to the present, there has always been an astounding diversity of life on our planet with so many unique animals. Their spirits and unique characteristics, such as horns, tails, feathers, and scales, provide endless inspiration to artists. These animals are depicted in art in their truest forms as well as thorough our incredibly imaginative spirit.

Animals take on many meanings in our lives, from the years of the zodiac to the spirits of totem poles. We associate with their characteristics, such as their speed, strength, agility, and keen senses of perception. As we associate with their characteristics and combine them, new animals are imagined like dragons, unicorns, harpies, and griffins. Animals appear in our stories and fairy tales like Alice in Wonderland, Where the Wild Things Are, and The Cat in the Hat. The rich history of animals represented in mythologies and folktales is endless. These animals awaken our creative spirit and feed our imagination.

This regional exhibition, juried by Kate Sprengnether, will explore a wide range of animal depictions in art. We'll see how artists continue to draw from past stories as well as create new narratives as characters in their art take on animal traits, and new creatures are imagined.

See the full prospectus hereContact Information
Contact Name: Elaine Quave
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number: 859-252-5222
Contact Information:
The Living Arts & Science Center
362 N. Martin Luther King Blvd.
Lexington, KY 40508
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Call for Artists // I CAN DO THAT

Call Type: Exhibitions
Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 3/5/2012
Eligibility: Chicago
“I can do that.” –Everyone, ever.

Ahhh, the four most frequently uttered words in the art world. Commonly the cause of much frustration and eye-rolling among artists, art historians, and art lovers, this [occasionally hubristic, occasionally accurate] assertion is usually countered with the retort, “But you didn’t do it.” Oftentimes, it is the concept behind a work of art that lends that work significance and meaning. Other times, some art really does suck.

What if we give you, o’ self-appointed art critic, the opportunity to play an active role in creating the kind of work that you so vocally long to see?

I CAN DO THAT is independent curator Jenny Lam’s highly anticipated follow-up to last fall’s acclaimed Exquisite Corpse show. At the exhibition, in front of each piece will be the art supplies the show’s artists used to create their respective works. With these supplies:

Exhibition visitors will be invited to “improve” some of the artwork as they see fit, directly applying medium to the work itself. This could mean anything from dotting one small corrective brushstroke to smearing paint all over and slashing the canvas. Each subsequent visitor is encouraged to make further changes. Consequently, the exhibition will constantly be in flux. There will be photo and video documentation of this continuous evolution.

In front of other artwork will be blank canvases—or whatever foundation the artist used—for visitors to replicate the pieces.

Next to all artwork will be blank sheets of paper for visitors to compile their own artist statements and insights.

Exhibition opening: Friday, April 13, 2012
Exhibition closing: Friday, April 27, 2012
at Variable Space (1564 N. Damen at Milwaukee, Chicago)

Application deadline: March 5, 2012
Apply here. Fearless artists only, please.
Contact Information
Contact Name: Jenny Lam
Contact Information:
Chicago, IL
Google Map

Annual Group Exhibition - OPEN CALL

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Posted by: Beers.Lambert Contemporary Art
Deadline: 03/05/12

Submission Deadline - Monday 5 March, 2012

Beers.Lambert is proud to present an open call for its annual group open exhibition, July 6 - August 5, 2012. Artists working in all disciplines from all parts of the world may apply.

Do you have a unique perspective that deserves a chance at international exposure? Beers.Lambert is looking for progessive, cutting-edge art that continues to define and defy the rules of contemporary art. This is your opportunity to exhibit your work in a curated group exhibition at Beers.Lambert in London, England.

Emerald Art Center National Juried Show
National Deadline: March 5, 2012 - Open to U.S.A. artists. Submit only original work that has been completed in the last three years. Mixed media pieces will be eligible if executed in any combination of oil, watercolor, acrylic, and pastel. No collage and no photos. A short statement may be required on the process and the technique of questionable execution. Compositions taken from published material will not be considered original. No student work produced under a teachers supervision is eligible. Diptychs and Triptychs must be contained within one frame and fit within the frame size requirements.

Paintings must be for sale. (EAC commission is 35%) No price changes may be made after entries are accepted.

Work previously published at the time of submission to this contest, in a national publication or receiving an award at a national level exhibition, is not eligible.

Cash awards of at least $6,000 will be announced at the opening of the show. Four-teen paintings will be selected for cash awards, with a top award of $2,000. Any artist winning the Award of Excellence will not be eligible to win that particular award again for the next 2 years. Your image may be used for the catalog or for publicity reproduction.

Dawn Emerson earned her BA from Brown University in English/Art in 1977. She made a living after college as a graphic designer for 10 years, then started teaching art to children in public and private schools after moving westward in 1987. Though Dawn had drawn all her life, and studied brush painting from an early age, her ambition at that point was not on becoming a fine artist, but on teaching. After moving to Oregon in 1991, Dawn became a full time artist in residence for schools throughout Central Oregon, teaching multicultural arts, design, and drawing.

Though she continued teaching children k-12 for 5 years while raising her two children, Dawn began taking workshops for pastel. After that, pastel became a passion, and Dawn quickly began winning major awards, and soon earned status as a signature member with the Pastel Society of America, the Pastel Society of the West Coast, the Association of Equine Artists, and as an associate member of the Society for Animal Artists.

Dawn's work has been featured in numerous journals and texts over the years. She has been included in museum shows around the country focussed on birds and animals, and has been invited to jury numerous shows in Idaho and Oregon. Dawn was privileged to judge The Artists Magazine animal category in 2011, and the animal category in the annual Pastel Journal's Pastel 100.

Dawn has become known for her creative and inspiring approach to teaching drawing and pastel workshops. The passion for energy and movement that is alive in her paintings are part of her who she is as a teacher. When she is not preparing for shows or teaching at the community college in Central Oregon, Dawn works at the local printmaking studio doing monotypes. Though pastel is her primary medium, more and more of her work includes mixed media. While her subjects include mostly the figure, landscape, and animals, all subjects are exciting to her, and her work spans realism through abstraction.

Preliminary selection will be made from digital images (hereafter referred to as images) submitted according to instructions. Artists may submit a maximum of 4 images. Entry fees are $35 for the first two images, and $10 for each additional image. Entry fees will not be re-funded. Size of work is limited to 42 inches in any direction, including frame. Frames must be sturdy, with a wire hanger. Entries must be postmarked by March 5, 2012 or hand delivered by NOON on March 10, 2012.

Mail properly labeled CD, (see instructions), a completed entry form for each image, total fee (check or money order made out to Emerald Art Center), and a SASE #10 business size to:

Emerald Art Center
Attn: Merrilea Jones
500 Main St.
Springfield, Oregon 97477

The Board of EAC has adopted a policy of not allowing art to be displayed that is considered obscene or offensive. A copy of that policy may be had upon request.

Paintings must be shipped and returned within the U.S. A $30 fee will be charged for unpacking and repacking of each carton of shipped work. Shipping instructions will be sent to you with acceptance notices. There is a $15 handling fee for each hand delivered painting. If the painting sells, the handling fee will be refunded to the artist.

Reasonable care will be taken of your works of art while it is in the possession of the Emerald Art Center. The Emerald Empire Art Association is responsible for your works of art only while in our possession, and not while in transit (either by you or your designee, or shipped to or from us). Artists are encouraged to insure their work in transit.

Each artist who submits an entry will be sent an exhibition catalog on CD or in print, featuring all paintings selected by the juror for the show.


Mailing instructions:
Put your CD in a paper sleeve and tape to a 5.5'' x 8.5'' piece of mat board or fold a piece of index weight card-board in half with the paper sleeve and CD taped inside. Put this in a 6'' x 9'' envelope. Do not use a hard plastic CD case. Be sure to include sufficient postage.

Note: Images should be of excellent quality. Poor quality images will jeopardize your chances of acceptance. If a painting is judged not to be of the quality reflected in your submitted image, EAC reserves the right to exclude it from the show. All information on entry labels as to size and price must remain the same on accepted entry. Painting must not be altered once the image is submit-ted, with the exception of the artists signature.

All CDs of accepted artwork will become the property of EAC. Permission is assumed to reproduce artwork from CDs for catalog and publicity.

Checklist for entries:
- CD properly labeled (see instructions)
- Entry Fee Check
- Entry forms filled out completely for each image. Print all info clearly.
- Include self-addressed business size #10 envelope with sufficient postage

Mail to:

Emerald Art Center
Attn: Merrilea Jones
500 Main St.
Springfield, OR 97477
(541) 726-8595 (Art Center)

Digital File Requirements:
Please submit one CD, including one unframed image file (JPG) of each entry. Four paintings may be submitted on one CD. A file size of between 1.5 and 2.5 MB will yield enough resolution for reproduction in the exhibition catalog should your painting be selected for the show.

Naming your digital files: Use your first initial and last name followed by-A (or B,C,D) -the title of the painting-.jpg. This means that you must rename your files from your camera prior to saving them on the CD.

Labeling your CD: As shown on Application [download], put your full name and title(s) of entries A & B at the top. Put the framed size of your painting(s) on the sides, A (and C) on the left, B (and D) on the right. At the bottom, put the titles of entries C & D.

- March 5 Postmark deadline for entries
- March 10 NOON Deadline for hand delivered entries
- March 30 Notification mailed to artists
- April 17-21 between 11-4 p.m. Shipped paintings arrive at

Emerald Art Center Gallery
500 Main St.
Springfield, OR 97477

- April 20-21 Hand delivered paintings to EAC between 11-4 p.m.
- May 1 Show opens
- May 5 Artists reception and awards ceremony 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
- June 1 Show ends
- June 2 Hand delivered art pick-up between 11 - 4 p.m.
- June 5 Paintings shipped back

The goals of the Emerald Empire Art Association: To provide an environment for interaction among artists and the development of creative ideas. To provide opportunity for artists to exhibit their work. To offer a variety of programs and events that teach and display art. To enrich the community through innovative outreach and in-house programs.

The Emerald Empire Art Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Fine Art in the community. Funded in part by

Purely Paper Call for Art Juried Group Show

Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 3/6/2012
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: National
Flow Art Space in Minneapolis, MN announces a call to artists for the juried group show Purely Paper, to be held in the gallery from March 29 – April 7, 2012. Eligible entries include art that uses paper as a medium. All 2D and 3D art, including installation art, will be considered. Please read more about the show at under Submit Work.

• Submit by clicking on the link “Smarter Entry” on the Submit Work page at

• Deadline for entry is March 6.

• $40 submission fee for up to 4 images.

• Notification of accepted and non-accepted entries by March 9.

• Accepted artists may be requested to provide several pieces for the show.

• Delivery of artwork March 12 - 27.

• Artist reception March 30.

• Return of artwork week of April 9 (artist must prepay for return of shipped work).

Please email questions to

The mission of Flow Art Space is to provide ongoing opportunities for artists to show their work in a professional environment and to connect them with potential buyers. Artists will keep 100% of their sales and handle their own transactions by accepting their preferred method(s) of payment.

Posting Organization
Flow Art Space LLC
Organization Main Email:
Contact Information:
34, 13th Avenue NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Google Map
Organization Description:
FLOW ART SPACE was founded with a mission to provide artists with ongoing opportunities to show their work in a professional environment and to connect them with potential buyers. In this spirit, FLOW ART SPACE will regularly announce new calls for art throughout the year.

Contact Information

In, On, Of Paper Juried Exhibition

Call Type: Exhibitions
Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 4/6/2012
Eligibility: Chicago
In, On, Of Paper Juried Exhibition
Paper Circle
Southeast Ohio’s Center for Paper and Book Arts
Nelsonville, Ohio
May 25, 2012 – August 1, 2012

Eligibility and Judging: "In, On, Of Paper" Juried Exhibition is open to paper artists residing in the US who are at least 18 years old. All works, sculptural, decorative and functional must be original, be made primarily of paper and must have been completed in the last two years. Works will be selected based on uploaded digital or submitted CD entries only. The juror may disqualify work that was not adequately represented by digital image or suitably prepared for exhibition.

Entries: $25 non-refundable entry fee. Artists may submit 2 images of each work.

Juror: Eileen Wallace is a letterpress printer and book artist specializing in custom printing and bookbinding. In addition to maintaining a private studio, she teaches workshops across the country and is currently Visiting Assistant Professor in Printmaking and Book Arts at the University of Georgia.

Cash Awards:
Award of Distinction $500
Award of Excellence $200
Awards of Merit $100
Purchase Award (To Be Announced)

Sales: Works must be for sale and priced accordingly. Paper Circle will receive commission of 30% on all sales. The commission will not be taken on any purchase awards. All checks will be issued 2 weeks after the close of the show. Accepted works will be posted on the Paper Circle website and Facebook page and offered for sale. Paper Circle will be responsible for shipping costs of pieces sold online or through the gallery.

Apply online:

Contact Paper Circle (email is best): papercirclearts@gmail.comContact Information
Contact Information:
Paper Circle Juried Exhibition
35 W Columbus Street / Post Office Box 117
Nelsonville, Ohio 45764
Google Map

The Arts of Life Square Foot Show

Call Type: Exhibitions
Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 3/9/2012
Eligibility: Chicago
The Arts of Life North Show Studio is having it's very first Square Foot Show! This is an open call non-juried exhibition. If you would like to participate please send or drop off your completed and ready to hang 12"x12" piece of art to

Attn: John Sharp, The Arts of Life

1963 Johns Dr

Glenview IL, 60025

by March 9, 2012 no later than 3pm.

All media is accepted as long as it fits within a 2D 12"x12" surface.

The opening reception will take place at the Arts of Life North Shore Gallery (above) on Thursday, March 22, 2012 from 7pm-9pm.

Contact Information
Contact Name: John Sharp
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number: 630.802.2362 or 847.486.0808
Contact Information:
1963 Johns Dr
Glenview, IL 60025
Google Map

Call for Exhibition Proposals

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Posted by: 621 Gallery
Deadline: 03/02/12

Show at 621 Gallery
Tallahassee, FL
Call to Artists!



The 2012-2013 Season will run September 2012 – June 2013. Please submit all materials to:

621 Gallery
Exhibition Committee
621 Industrial Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32310

Application Postmark Deadline for the 2012-2013 exhibition season is March 02, 2012

Artists interested in exhibiting at 621 Gallery must submit all written materials in hard copy and include them on a CD unless specified below:

• A one page cover letter containing a clear and concise proposal for your exhibition
• 15 to 20 images at 300 dpi. with minimum size of 4” x 6” CD ONLY
• Contact sheet (with image information: dimensions, media, date created and price or NFS)

For floor plan or more information see:

Curator's Corner at Flow Art Space

Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 4/10/2012
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: National
Flow Art Space in Minneapolis, Minnesota announces a call for Curator's Corner, a space within the gallery which allows a small body of work from one artist to be featured at the same time as select group shows.

Three Curator's Corner artists will be chosen for February, April, and May 2012 showings. Early entries will be considered for all three shows. Entries received after January 23, 2012 and before March 10 will be considered for April and May shows, and entries received after March 11 and before April 10 will be considered for the May show.

Artists will keep 100% of their sales and handle their own transactions by accepting their preferred method(s) of payment. Artists deliver or ship their sold work to buyers. Please to learn more about the gallery. Questions can be emailed to

14th Annual Art on the Streets

International Deadline: March 6, 2012 - In its fourteenth year, AOTS is a yearlong venue to showcase the works of new as well as celebrated artists from across the nation while enlivening the Downtown Colorado Springs cityscape and urban experience.

Selected artwork will be exhibited throughout the 40-square-block downtown district, with the majority of pieces clustered in the busiest 10 to 15 block core.

While sculpture tends to dominate the entry pool, other types of public art suitable for outdoor display are highly encouraged. Large-scale, outside-the-box, can't-be-missed pieces are desirable. The only common denominator among selected works is the durability, safety and quality of the art.

A color brochure of the AOTS exhibit - including photos of the artwork, artists' biographies and a walking tour map - will be produced and released through the Downtown Partnership, Community Ventures, Inc., Convention & Visitors Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Pikes Peak Library District and numerous downtown businesses. It will also be available online.

Total number of selected pieces depends on the scope and quality of entries; however, approximately 8-12 pieces typically make up the show. Jurors Kathy Loo and Jim Raughton will announce all of the selections and personally introduce the award winners at the June 15, 2012 opening reception. The exhibit will run through May of 2013.
First Prize $15,000
Second Prize $7,500
Third Prize $2,500
Plus $400 honoraria to each artist for installation assistance and two nights complementary lodging per artist for attendance at VIP party and opening reception.
Community Ventures is pleased to announce that Kathy Loo and Jim Raughton will co-juror the Downtown Colorado Springs 2012 Art on the Streets exhibition for a second consecutive year. These prominent supporters, patrons and collectors of art will select the works to comprise the fourteenth year-long exhibition.
Kathy Loo is a highly regarded civic leader and philanthropist, who co-chaired the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center's recent capital campaign that made possible the spectacular addition to the original John Gaw Meem building. Kathy and her late husband, Dusty Loo, were discriminating collectors of 19th and 20th century Colorado landscape art that ultimately will become part of the FAC's permanent collection.

Dr. Raughton married to Kathy, is a lifelong collector, and three floors of his historic Denver house contain his outstanding collection of art and artifacts. Jim's career includes urban planning, environmental design and higher education. He was a planner for the cities of Aurora, Lakewood and Boulder, as well as a private consultant. He served as Vice President of the Colorado Community College System which included the Percent for Art Program for community college campuses throughout Colorado.
Artists may enter two works, with a suggested minimum dimension of 3 feet, vertical or horizontal, and scaled to outdoor spaces. Artists should consider that their work will be exhibited outdoors and accessible to the public for a period of approximately 11 months.

Proposals using alternative materials, and/or creative use of space is encouraged. Please call to discuss if you have questions.
Read Complete Prospectus / Apply-on-Line
All materials should be submitted in digital format online.

Entries must be received by 11:59 p.m.,MST, on March 6, 2012.

Please contact Denise Schall, Program Coordinator for Art on the Streets by calling 719.886.0088, or via email:

Each selected artist bears responsibility for the installation of his/her work. Artists must deliver (or ship) their work and assist in its installation. A $400 honorarium to offset expenses will be awarded to each artist.

Installation will occur from mid-May through mid-June, in the days prior to the Opening Reception on June 15, 2012

- March 6, 2012 Submission deadline
- March 15, 2012 Selection notification to artists
- June 15, 2012 Opening Reception & Presentation of Awards
- May 2013 Exhibit Closing / Work reclaimed by Artists

Incomplete or late entries will not be accepted. All entrants will be notified of the results of the selection process within a timely manner. Please do not call to inquire about status.

Any selected work that upon delivery, has been altered significantly (from entry submittal) as to dimensions, scale or color without prior approval from Community Ventures, will not be accepted into the show.

AOTS provides insurance, publicity and assistance in the sale of pieces. Artists agree to a 25 percent commission payable to Community Ventures, Inc.

Art on the Streets (AOTS) is presented by U.S. Bank, and supported by Norwood Development Group, G.E. Johnson and H. Chase Stone Trust in concert with Downtown Partnership of Colorado Springs and its affiliate, Community Ventures, Inc. In its fourteenth year, AOTS is a yearlong venue to showcase the works of new as well as celebrated artists from across the nation while enlivening the Downtown Colorado Springs cityscape and urban experience.

14th Annual Downtown Colorado Springs Art on the Streets
111 S. Tejon Street, Ste. 309
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Call for iPhoneographers for the upcoming show: "iPhoneography: Updated Visual Dialogs"

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Posted by: The Lunch Box Gallery
Deadline: 03/04/12

Contemporary photography space The Lunch Box Gallery announces a call for entries for its show “iPhoneography: Updated Visual Dialogs,” which explores the social phenomenon of iPhoneography as a personal tool globally used to generate visual content.

• The call is open to all iPhoneographers, both professionals and amateurs, emerging and established, national and international over 18 years of age.
• Pictures must be taken and edited on the iPhone.
• iPhoneographers can send from 1 to 3 images per submission. You can apply more than once.
• All iPhoneographers will be automatically accepted to be featured in the gallery, joining this collective representation of the massive use of the medium; yet, at least 1 out of 3 photographs by every iPhoneographer will be printed and shown.

Entry Fees: $15.00 for submitting up to 3 JPGs.


Annual Grant: The Virginia A. Groot Foundation

2011 First Place winner Adelaide Paul, detail of "Blue Sofia"
Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 3/1/2012
Call Type: Awards, Grants, Fellowships
Eligibility: National

The Virginia A. Groot Foundation established the Virginia A. Groot Foundation Grant in 1988 so that a ceramic sculpture or sculpture artist may have the opportunity to devote a substantial period of time to the development of his or her work.


Each year the Virginia A. Groot Foundation offers three grants (up to $35,000, $10,000, $5,000) to artists who have exceptional talent and demonstrated ability in ceramic sculpture or sculpture. Artists may be at any stage of career development, from emerging through mature.

Applicants must be 21 years or older at the time of the application deadline. We welcome and encourage international applicants. Students enrolled in or attending, either full-time or part-time, any institution of higher learning are not eligible. Work completed as a student is not eligible. Teachers are eligible if their program plan is for their development as artists rather than as teachers. The grant is not for the support of continued academic training.

When & How to Apply

Applications must be typed or neatly printed on the enclosed form (see web site for materials) and be POSTMARKED by March 1st, 2012. Any application received after that date will not be considered for a grant. DO NOT reduce the type size, submit extra pages, resumes, reviews or any support materials that are not required. DO NOT request a signature when mailing your application. If you would like confirmation of receipt, please include a SAS postcard with your application materials.

Support Materials

Applicants must submit up to 20 images of their work along with the application form. 35-mm slides or CDs will be accepted as evidence of artistic achievement. Slides must be submitted in a flat, transparent slide page. Each slide must be labeled with the applicant's name, an arrow indicating the top of the slide and numbered. Accompanying the slide should be a typed or neatly printed sheet which corresponds with the numbered slides. For each slide, the following information should be given: Title, Medium, Size and Date completed. For CDs, each digital image file must be saved as a JPEG at a resolution of 300 dpi and must be no bigger than 1500 pixels in the longest direction. Make a corresponding inventory sheet that indicates Title, Medium, Size and Date completed. Label each disc with your name, address and phone number. All application materials become the property of the Virginia A. Groot Foundation.

Applicants who wish to have their slides returned after notification of the grant must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. The foundation, while taking all reasonable care, cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of support materials submitted. Selection The grant winner will be determined primarily by the quality of work submitted and, secondarily, on the information in the application form. The grant recipient will be notified by letter by May 1st, 2012 and will have two weeks from the receipt of the letter to accept the grant. For application:

Posting Organization
Virginia A. Groot Foundation
Organization Main Email:
Contact Information:
Evanston, IL
Google Map
Organization Description:
Virginia A. Groot Foundation The Virginia A. Groot Foundation was established in 1988 so that artists working in three dimensions could have the opportunity to devote additional time and resources to the development of their work. On this website you can read about the history of the Foundation, and learn more about its mission and beliefs. You may also view examples of the work of artists who have previously been grant recipients, learn more about them and enjoy their art. Review the grant information page to see if you meet the requirements to apply for and receive a grant, and read a general overview of the application process. If you meet all requirements and are interested in applying for a grant, you may download the grant application online. If you have any questions about the foundation, grants, the application process, or any technical issues with our website, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Lauren Levato


Summer Residency Program: Call for Applications

Type: Residencies, Workshops, Exchanges [View all]
Posted by: Columbia College Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts
Deadline: 03/05/12

The Center for Book and Paper Arts each summer provides for a two two-week artist residencies, intended to provide time, facilities and assistance for specific projects. The residency includes accommodations and an honorarium.

Applications for the Summer 2012 Residencies are now available. The dates for the two residencies are June 11–22 and July 9–20.

The timeline for application submissions and notification dates are:

• Completed entries must be postmarked by March 5, 2012
• Notice of acceptance will be in the mail by March 19, 2012
• The first residency dates are June 11–22, 2012
• The second residency dates are July 9–20, 2012
• One copy of the completed project must be sent to the Center for the archives by September 30, 2012

Call for artists & projects 2012 1st semester ARTErra rural residency (PT)

Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 3/9/2012
Call Type: Residencies, Workshops, Exchanges
Eligibility: International
The ARTErra is a rural art residency structure that support and encourage artistic creation and production.
Housed in a remarkably small rural village, you will find in ARTErra physical spaces and tools for the reception of the project / proposal of the artist or collective of different artistic disciplines.
In addition to a house with several recreational areas and facilities, the ARTErra has a "creation yard" area where are the work spaces (sound studio and booth capturing, studio room, black & white box, glass room and atelier) framed by a garden, a small vegetable garden, an orchard and poultry.
With privileged contacts with some institutions and companies try to enhance and ensure a artist in residency to respond the needs and expectations of the projects accepted.
There currently are open nominations for the 1st half of 2012.
The application process is simple.
Do not hesitate to contact us.


We also have a facebook pag
and twitter;

Posting Organization
Organization Main Email:
Contact Information:
R.Nossa Srª do Crasto Nº380
Lobão da Beira
Tondela, Tondela 3460-207 T
Google Map
Organization Description:
ARTErra is a structure to support artistic creation,

Contact Information
Contact Name: Micaela Ferreira
Contact Phone Number: 351962781090
Contact Information:
Rua Nossa Senhora do Crasto Nº380
Lobao da Beira
Tondela, Tondela 3460-207
Google Map


Type: Residencies, Workshops, Exchanges [View all]
Posted by: ARPNY
Deadline: 03/10/12

ARPNY is the Art Foundation based on the gallery in Chelsea, NY. ARPNY has recently opened its newest residency program in Long island City, NY. It is located in close proximity to all roadways, 15 minutes to Manhattan via subway.

During the spring season, Artists’ in Residence have the opportunity to work in studios. They also enjoy a more intimate community of like-minded and diverse artists.

It is 3-months program or 6 months program, from April1 2012. For detailed information and guidelines go to:

• 3 artists: Solo Exhibition in the ARPNY Gallery, Half grants ($600) for studio use
• 3 artists: Participate one of the Art Fairs: Art Chicago, Art Miami. Half grants ($600) for studio use

Application has to be included:
• 10 images of work completed in the last 3 years
• Résumé/CV
• Artist Statement
• Names and contacts of 3 references
• $20 application fee

Thursday, February 23, 2012

First Paid Review of My Website

Below is the first review I've received for a project where I pay writers on Mechanical Turk $5 dollars to write 500 words about the art on my website:

Some of your motivation for your unique style becomes more apparent as one views your adaptation to the video short. This understanding is only deepened when your educational influences are unveiled in the details of your Curriculum Vitae. New Media is definitely what I would have categorized the majority of you work as. You claimed expertise in a variety of types of paintings but this does not seem to stand out in your work, this could be perhaps your more modern sculptures and video projects really stand out among your other completed works. The first two sculptures on your very well laid out website, “Please Do Not Climb” and “Time Out Zone” have a very inorganic feel to them. These works are most definitely insoluble and give the impression of permanency and official and domineering nature pervades these works. Time Out Zone in particular caught my interest because of the contradictory nature of the commands. The only way these actions could be potentially pulled off is if someone is being put in this position by a figure of authority such as a New York City Police Officer. This theme is of inorganic oppressive pieces continues with the mirrored pillory installation. While you appear to be smiling and happy in several of the pictures and the video the piece itself conveys the feelings of an age of oppression. I know this is a knit-picky comment but the first photo of this installation I think really detracts from the validity of the statement this piece is making. This photo shows you within the pillory but the female photographer is completely visible. This makes the installation seem more of a tourist attraction or an interactive spectacle rather than perhaps a commentary upon the way shopping and commerce enslave humanity to the principles of currency. Also, the holes for the hands are much larger than they would have been upon a traditional pillory. The hand holes on this piece are circular where traditionally they would have been more of a diamond or rhombus shaped to prevent the withdraw of the hand back though the pillory itself. Your free poster piece is a very original idea in the style of John Cage’s 4:33. This idea is quintessentially “new media” and breathes a puff of life into “modern art.” I think most importantly it challenges what we think of as true art and encourages us to embrace the beauty which is all around us and can be found me proper diligence and methods are used. This is what modern are means to me, something which reaches beyond the fundamental notion of the art itself and begins to interact in the remainder of the world in such a way as to actually enhance the experience. I want to include a few comments; first the ball sack was bazaar. Second, I have not included very many comments on your videos at all because I am particular put off by this type of media. I apologize for this and am encouraged by your work.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Upcoming Exhibition Deadlines - Feb 26th, 2012-- March 3rd, 2012

Exhibition Opportunity- "Scape" Please Note Deadline Is Next Week!

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Posted by: Village Gallery
Deadline: 02/21/12

EYA and Village Gallery are accepting artist submissions for an upcoming group exhibition “Scape”. “Scape” explores landscape from contemporary to traditional and realism to abstraction. Works should include but not limited to landscape, cityscape, seascape, and dreamscape. Selected works will be displayed at Village Gallery.

All artists over 18 years of age, residing in the United States are eligible. Sorry, but we cannot accept free standing sculpture, installation, or video arts.

A non-refundable entry fee for up to 3 works $25 (Non member); $20 (member).

Selected artists will be considered for future exhibitions and/or gallery representation.

Please visit for application form. If you have any questions, please contact

Posted on 02/13/12
Expires on 02/21/12

Submissions for Linus Galleries Abstract Show PLEASE NOTE DEADLINE IS NEXT WEEK!

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Posted by: Linus Galleries
Deadline: 02/20/12

Abstracts Call for Artists:

Abstract art can be simple or complicated, diverse or reduced; it can be anything from manipulated photography, to the play with color, form or line. Great abstract art is something that is mesmerizing and somehow transforms an idea into a transformation in the viewer.

All artists worldwide will be considered for this Call for Artists from photography, to paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolor and ink, graphite drawings and fabric work from quilts to stitch work.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: February 20th, 2012.

Those accepted artists will be asked to be a part of a collective show in the future months. The artists will be asked if they wish to submit their artwork for the show, which is not a requirement to being a part of this show. Cost: $35 for 3 entries, $5 for additional entries

Call Type: Residencies, Workshops, Exchanges (ONGOING)

Deadline Type: ongoing
Eligibility: Chicago
A series of short-term projects set in the storefront display area of the space at 7002 California. Proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis for creative work. To view the current project or send in your proposal please click here.Contact Information
Contact Name: Doukan 7002
Contact Phone Number: 773-338-9702
Contact Information:
7002 N. California (at Lunt)
Chicago, IL 60645
Google Map


New American Paintings 2012 Midwestern Competition

New American Paintings
Deadline: 2.29.12 (Midnight EST)

Juror: Lisa D. Freiman, Senior Curator and Chair of the Department of Contemporary Art, Indianapolis Museum of Art

New American Paintings is a museum-quality, soft-cover art periodical, published bimonthly by The Open Studios Press. Each 184 page volume is a regional exhibition-in-print, selling for $20 at 1,500 bookstores, museum shops and art supply stores nationwide. The books have become periodical resources for collectors and art world professionals.

Competition winners retain all rights to their images and pay nothing to appear in New American Paintings.

Now accepting entries from:
IL, IN, IA, MI, MN, MO, OH, and WI

The competition’s 40 winners will appear in the Aug/Sept 2012 edition of New American Paintings.

All styles and media are welcome, as long as the work is singular and two-dimensional.

To Enter, visit:
For more details, visit:

Questions? Call 617.778.5265

Call For Video Art

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Posted by: Multiplexer
Deadline: 02/27/12

Multiplexer is seeking artists, videographers, media archivists, designers and anyone with a deep interest in video beyond the scope of the traditional narrative, pictorial, and aesthetic productions and projects already highly visible and represented by mainstream media and film.

The curatorial efforts will focus on exhibiting work that can, on its own and without the need for elaborate installation, be understood as exploratory in the medium and has the capacity to bring about critical thoughts and ideas.

Archival, historical, contemporary, documentary and just about any category conceivable will be considered.

Multiplexer is located on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, foot traffic and exposure of selected works to visitors and locals will be high. This is a great opportunity to present your art in a unique context. for more information visit:

Magmart- International Video Festival Call Type: Expos, Fairs, Festivals Deadline Type: fixed Deadline: 2/29/2012 Eligibility: Chicago Suburbs Illinois National International Magmart festival offer a wide visibility to all the artists that submit their artworks; we collaborate with many other festivals and videoart networks (at this edition, FONLAD, Oslo Screen festival, FIVA, Art Video Exchange, Athens Video Art Festival, AllArtNow, Activa,, and organize some exhibits based on a special format - we have already done "women's glance" (12 women artists), and in the next days will start "norse video" (6 artists from scandinavian countries + iceland); will follow other specials. Our main partners are the CAM Casoria Contemporary Art Museum - a worldwide well-knowed institution, and the PAN Palazzo delle Arti Napoli - , a prestigeous palace for contemporary arts in Naples. Collaborate with us to spread videoart, make Magmart always more relevant. RULES The Festival is open to all international videoartists. Partcipation is free. Between all submitted videos, will be done a final selection based on vote of a Jury composed by experts. The 30 selected artworks will become part of CAM permanent collection. All sended materials don't will be return, and will be stored in the Festival's archive like documentation. Sending the participation form, the artist accept fully the present rules. The Jury verdict is incontestable. The artist accept that his/her own videos will be broadcasted online and offline, on site ; he/she accept that, if selected, the video become part of permanent collection of CAM, and should be freely screened CAM rooms All the videos, selected or not, become part of Magmart's archive, and can be screened in any other place or event related to Festival, online or offline, with exclusion of any commercial use. Still-frame from videos can be freely used for the Festival communication, mentioning title and author of artwork. All rights on videos remain property of author. The author assert, under his/her own liability, the complete right of use on used materials (images, sounds, videos) and that compose the artwork; the author undertake completely the liability for any breach of copyright laws. To participate is necessary fill out the form available online, The omission, or the incorrect filling, of one or more parts of form itself, will involve the exclusion of video by selection of Jury. The possible selection by Jury is in any case subordinate at an essential condition for the proclaim of winners: the author of selected video must send, via ordinary mail, and within midnight of March, 15 2012, the donation act to CAM of the copy of his/her own video, and the hard copy on DVD itself. The donation act don't underlie in any way a transfer of right, but certify exclusively the willingness of author so that a copy of his/her own video artwork will be permanently keeped - and, with limitations above, utilized - in the permanent collection of CAM. Without this donation act, the videos will be rule out by group of 30 selected artworks, and replaced by those immediately subsequent in Jury's ranking. Any author can participate with max 5 videos. THE JURY Agata Chiusano (artist, Suor Orsola Benincasa university professor) Antonio Manfredi (artist, CAM Art Director) Giuseppe De Marco (artist, Mediavox) Jose Vieira (Fonlad’s Artistic Director) Luca Magnoni (journalist | Hydrogen Lab) Sotiris Iliadis (Athens Video Art Festival Executive Manager) Enrico Tomaselli (artist, Festival Art Director)

Arte Natura

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Posted by: Limner Gallery
Deadline: 02/29/12

Arte Natura is a thematic exhibition based on art inspired from the natural world. Open to all interpretations of landscape and biology including fruits, vegetables, flowers and fauna and to human figuration as part of the natural environment. The exhibition will be held at the Limner Gallery, June 2 - 30, 2012. Open for entry to all artists. National magazine publication awards. Deadline February 29, 2012. On-line entry form at, or email, or send SASE to SlowArt Productions, 123 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534.

FLUX 2012

Flux Projects
(Atlanta GA)
Flux Projects is now accepting submissions for FLUX 2012. This one-night public art celebration fills the streets and empty spaces of the Castleberry Hill Arts District in Atlanta with large and small-scale projections, performances, dance, music, light and sound installations, and other forms of multimedia works and public interactions. Any artist, artist team, creative collaborative, or curator may submit projects for consideration.

Deadline for Submission: February 29, 2012
Notification: April 30, 2012

Event: Saturday, October 6, 2012, 8 pm until midnight

Budget: up to $30,000

3rd Ward Winter Open Call 2012 Call Type: Auditions Deadline Type: fixed Deadline: 2/29/2012 Eligibility: Chicago Suburbs Illinois National Welcome to the next step in launching your creative career. You're invited to join the 3rd Ward Winter 2012 Open Call, an international search for exciting, innovative, and compelling work in the Categories of Art, Photography, Furniture Design, and Graphic Design. Click Here to Participate Your Deadline is February 29th, 11:59pm EST Grand Prize Award, as Selected by the Public: $5,000 cash grant 1-year 3rd Ward work residency Inclusion in a Group Show at the 3rd Ward Gallery An online feature promoting your work internationally Category Awards, as Selected by our Judges: $500 cash grant 3-month 3rd Ward work residency Inclusion in a Group Show at the 3rd Ward Gallery An online feature promoting your work internationally Plus: The top 25 runners-up will receive online features, gaining worldwide exposure! This season's judges' panel includes Chris Kraig, Creative Director of SUITE New York, Ben King, Art Director of Print Magazine, and David C. Terry, Senior Officer/Curator of NYFA. The 3rd Ward Open Call is a global search for dynamic, inventive and provocative work, works-in-progress and/or conceptual proposals in all mediums: sculpture, painting, photography, illustration, installation, graphic design, performance, furniture, video and more. This is your opportunity to be an international creative star. Learn more >>> 3rd Ward is a workshop that offers anyone with an idea the means to make their visions real. Here, you can take advantage of our Wood Shop, Metal Shop, Photo Studios, Jewelry Studio and Coworking Space, as well as learn new skills in one of our many classes. This is your home for creativity. We recognize that ideas matter and support creative endeavors that empower our members, students, and community. Contact Information URL:

Art In Motion Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all] Posted by: Missouri Valley College Deadline: 02/28/12 Call for Entries! Missouri Valley College located in Marshall, MO announces its third annual outdoor sculpture show—Art in Motion. Five artists were featured last year in our exhibit, and new art is now being sought. Our rurally located campus is diverse. Our student body, of about 1,400 students, represents over 35 states and 30 countries. This exhibit greatly enhances that diversity and our campus culture. Our committee is seeking work for a third year of Art in Motion, and we are hoping to review all types of work. The selected work will remain on campus for 12 months (July 2012 - June 2013). All finalists, whose works are selected, will receive a $1,000 honorarium to offset transportation and incidental expenses. Submit images of outdoor sculptures to include in the exhibit at Submissions are free and unlimited! Submission deadline: February 28, 2012.

Eco Art, Call for Site Specific Outdoor and Gallery Works

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Posted by: Greene County Council on the Arts
Deadline: 02/27/12

Whale Oil to Whole Foods, Eco Art Exhibit. Dates: June 9–July 28 at GCCA Catskill Gallery and July 14–August 31 at the Cornell Cooperative Extension Agroforestry Center and Model Forest. Curator/Eco-Artist/Activist Christy Rupp, is seeking proposals for outdoor and indoor exhibit sites. Of interest are ecological issues from the region’s past and future, as well as the industrial legacy of the Hudson River, or any other topics that examine our kinship to the planet: earthworks, installations, art/activist projects, performances, tree hugging, broadcast soundworks inspired by science, technology, fungal, Pollanesque, lichen covered, problem solving, compostable, geological, edible, photosynthetic, experimental, waterborn, rooted in the forest, alive or formerly alive. Stipends are available for outdoor, site specific works and interior exhibit expenses. Submit one page description (max) with examples of past work and budget if requesting a stipend to

Call to Artists "Landscapes" Juried Art Competition

Landscapes Art Competition -
Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 2/27/2012
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: Chicago
Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announces a call for entries with the theme “Landscapes” for a juried art competition for the month of February 2012. The gallery invites all 2D artists regardless of where they reside and regardless of their experience or education in the art field to send us your best interpretation of the theme “Landscapes" by depicting the natural world, outdoor scenery, geographical environments’ and any related landscape subjects. A group exhibition will be held in March 2012 based on the entries. The deadline to enter is February 27, 2012.Winners receive extensive worldwide publicity. For further information and to apply online Posting Organization
Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
Organization Main Email:
Contact Information:
118 Poinciana Drive
Jupiter, FL 33458
Google Map
Organization Description:
We are an online art gallery that conducts monthly themed art competitions for new and emerging artists on a wordlwide basis.

Contact Information
Contact Name: John R Math
Contact Phone Number: 888-490-3530
Contact Information:
118 Poinciana Drive
Jupiter, FL 33458
Google Map

Wednesday, August 10, 2011
Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition 2012 *UPDATED*
Deadline: February 29, 2012 (EMAIL)

Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition 2012

Taiwan Art Quilt Society (TAQS)
National Tainan Living Art Center
Tainan, Taiwan
Taichung County Culture Center,
Feng Yuan District, Taiwan
August 11-October 29, 2012

Taiwan Art Quilt Society (TAQS) will organize an international art quilt exhibition possessed of artistic and educational quality. TIQE2012 will focus on global issues and highlight the creation of quilting is not only the interpretation of techniques but also the contemporary artistic merit of environmental care and the spirit of humanities.

Theme: Moving Water and River
Water and river are full of life and nutrient: novelty, freshness, and sustainability symbolize a source of vitality, expecting to convey an energetic, broad, and microcosmic angle of view, as well as each kind of life and existence that water and river embrace.

Curator: Lin Hsin-Chen
Lin Hsin-Chen is President of TAQS. Born and grown up in Taiwan, she is a fiber artist who has been devoting herself to creation, organizing exhibitions and teaching for 20 years. She often leads students or groups to work together on large-sized collective works. Global environmental issues are always her concerns so she puts her observation and reflection into her works. (Website: Fiber art is creations of integration encompassed a culture of life. She puts all her effort into expanding her horizons to achieve the goal for design and makes every detail well-connected to one another. To go beyond the limitation, sometimes she has to break the given standards to pursue the ultimate spirit.

Eligibility and Guidelines:

Opens to both international artists or quilt groups outside Taiwan
Individual or Group

Individual: Works must be based on water and river concept and created by individual(s).

[Size of Works]
Entries must be a maximum of 200cm (79") per side. A label including artist name and the title of work securely attached on the back bottom corner. Accepted works should be ready for hanging with a 12cm( 5") wide sleeve attached to the back at the top.

Groups: Works must be based on water and river concept and created by group(s).

[Size of Works]
Collective entries must be a maximum of 200cm (79") per side. A label including artist name and the title of work securely attached on the back bottom corner. Accepted works should be ready for hanging with a 12( 5") wide sleeve attached to the back at the top.

Works must meet the definition of following: An art quilt creation is an exploration and expression of an aesthetic of visual arts. Works must consist of a top, the batting, the backing and these three layers must be sewn together by hand or machine quilting.
3-D, free-standing works will NOT be accepted.
You may submit up to 3 entries.

Digital Images:
Submit one overall digital image and one detail digital image for each piece of work with resolution 300 dpi. The overall digital image must show the edges of each piece of work.
We suggest artists save digital images as a high quality JPEG or JPG file.

Catalog: A full-color catalog documenting the complete TIQE2012 collection will be published and sent to the exhibitors. Artists have to provide digital images of exhibition works. Artists have to grant TAQS with the right to use images of exhibition works for catalog publication without copyright fee or any other extra fees.

Sales: There are no sales of art works during the exhibition.

Visit website for complete details (including entry guidelines and entry form):

Note: FIBER ART CALLS FOR ENTRY (FACFE) has also made the Prospectus and Entry Form available in Google Docs: *UPDATED*

TIQE 2012 Prospectus
TIQE 2012 Entry Form

If you have any questions, please contact:

9F 252 Sec.2 Shulin St. Tainan 70045 Taiwan

The Arts Converge: Contemporary Art and Asian Musical Traditions

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Posted by: Northern Illinois University
Deadline: 03/01/12

Art exhibition at Northern Illinois University's Jack Olson Gallery coming in Fall of 2012
Deadline for entries:March 1 2012

Are you creating contemporary art that forms a dialogue with Asian musical traditions? Is it time to define a new genre of contemporary art revolving around this theme of Asian music?

You are invited to participate in this exhibition by submitting up to five works for consideration. Regional, national, and international artists and designers are all encouraged.

Diverse media are welcome; visual art, installations, and performance art are all capable of offering exciting new perspectives using traditional music. We hope to receive a variety of interpretations, whether traditional, postmodern, philosophical, political, or outlandish in expression. Accepted works will be those that are thoughtful, emotionally impacting, masterfully rendered, and unique.

Information and requirements at

Juried Art/Photography Contest with Awards! CITY LIGHTS

Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 2/28/2012
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: International

Deadline: 2/28/2012
Photography and Graphic Art

There is something so amazing about the way we feel whey we see gleaming lights in the darkness of the night.

Please follow instruction on Entry Contest page of our website.


1st place: $ 250
2nd place: $100
3rd place: $50

Posting Organization
Organization Main Email:
Contact Information:
27041 Pacific Coast Hwy
Malibu, CA 90265
Google Map
Organization Description:
We have created Art-Defined international online gallery to introduce artist as well as promote established artists to showcase their talent and gain exposure globally by participating in our online juried contests.

Through Art-Defined, artists are able not only to showcase their work but also add credits to their Resume, expand their opportunities in the art world and advance professionally.

Participation in Art-Defined contests facilitates artists in connecting with a greater art audience and developing relationship with other art patrons, gallery curators and collectors. Our exhibits are international. We welcome entries from around the world!

Contact Information

AMATERAS International Annual "Paper Art - Art on Paper" Exhibition/competition 2012

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Deadline: 03/01/12

After its successful third edition, showing 72 paper artists from 30 countries, the AMATERAS Foundation has pleasure to announce this year’s exhibition/competition for paper art in 2D and 3D, created by artists from all over the world without restrictions of techniques, styles or materials. This exhibition is for small paper works (2D - no larger than A4 size and 3D no bigger than 15/15/20cm) and will be held from May 2 – June 2, 2012 at Art Alley Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria. An international jury of selection will award cash prizes for AMATERAS - Best of Show Award, Young Artist Award, Innovation Award and Bulgarian Artist Award. Deadline for entries is March 1, 2012.

Please find the Regulations and Entry Forms as an attachment to this email, or for more information and to download Regulations Entry Forms directly in .doc format, please visit our website:

Call for LGBTQI Participants for Ongoing Video Project

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Deadline: 03/01/12

Artist seeking lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender variant, genderqueer, or queer participants for an ongoing video artwork.

I am looking for individuals to share a story about an interaction/occasion when assumptions were made about your identity and you purposely left the assumption and/or situation uncorrected. I am especially interested in stories which relate to the consequences (access, privilege) of allowing the other party to maintain their assumption or belief. I am looking for accounts that broaden and question the paradigms of identity in both public and private spaces.

If you or someone you know is interested in participating, please contact for details and further interview information.

Call For Entries - Art From the Heartland

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Posted by: Indianapolis Art Center
Deadline: 03/01/12

The Indianapolis Art Center is calling for entries for artists in any medium living in Indiana or a bordering state (including Wisconsin) for our Biennial Juried Exhibition. Cash awards total $2,500.00. Director’s Choice Award will be a Solo Show at the Indianapolis Art Center. Juror: Paula Katz, Director and Curator, Herron Galleries, Herron School of Art and Design, IUPUI.

Submissions will be taken at and are due by March 1, 2012.

Entry Fee:
$25 non-refundable entry fee. Each artist may submit up to two pieces of work for jurying.

• Best in Show, $1,000.00
• Best in 2D, $500.00
• Best in 3D, $500.00
• 5 Honorable Mentions, $100.00 each
• Director’s Choice, Solo Show at the Indianapolis Art Center

For questions or more information, contact Kyle Herrington at

Creature Comforts

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Posted by: Workhouse Arts Center
Deadline: 03/01/12

Creature Comforts: is an installation and sculpture exhibition that explores the idea of the things that make us comfortable and at ease in everyday life. In modern day society many luxury items are considered a necessity and are difficult to live without. This exhibition will explore the artist’s view on modern creature comforts, and society’s dependence on the luxuries in life, and their residual effects.

The jurors for this exhibition are Mary Cook and Allison Nance of microWave project llc. Founded in 2010, microWave project acts a conduit between artists and groups/businesses to provide space for temporary, popup, "micro" galleries. Their mission is to help promote these artists and educate the community by exploring alternative venues for emerging & established artists with an emphasis on site specific installation art.

Cover Thy Head
Deadline: March 1, 2012 (EMAIL)

Cover Thy Head
A juried exhibition
Morris and Sally Justein Heritage Museum
Toronto, Canada
October 2012

The Morris and Sally Justein Heritage Museum at Baycrest invites eligible artists to submit applications of an original kippah (yarmulke) to Cover Thy Head a juried exhibition. By completing an application, your entry will represent you to the jury, who will review it for possible inclusion in Cover Thy Head. Exhibiting artists will be eligible for prizes. The exhibition will open October 2012 in Toronto, Canada.

Entry Guidelines
•Open to artists internationally
•All artwork must be the artist's original design or concept and executed by the artist
•Collaborative work will be considered
•Artwork executed under formal classroom guidance is not eligible
•Work created from a kit is not eligible
•Artwork using any textile related materials or techniques will be considered
•All work must be ready for installation

Entry Content
Application materials, including images must be submitted
electronically to:
1. Two high resolution or professional quality images, accurately
representing work. One full view image and one detail image (please
credit photographer). Images must be 2500x2500 pixels at 300dpi in
JPEG format with your name in the filename. Eg. Smith.J.full,
2.Current CV including full contact information
3.Application form stating: title, size, media, creation date of the
work, artist statement explaining your techniques (maximum 100 words),
and permission form
4.$25 application fee.

Important Dates
•Applications must be received no later than March 1, 2012.
•Artists selected for the exhibition will be notified by April 1, 2012.
•Selected works must be delivered to Baycrest no later than June 1, 2012.

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Electricity is Magic Gallery - Call for Works

eim gallery
Call Type: Exhibitions
Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 3/1/2012
Eligibility: International

As we plan our 2012 season, we invite submissions from individual artists, collectives, or curators to submit proposals for the EiM Gallery. Our space is non-traditional, and as such, we have some unique parameters for artists to contend with. Our presentation spaces are as follows:

- The Blue Wall. appx. 5m x 2.5m, appropriate for any wall-based works. These works should probably look good on blue.

- The Scrim. appx. .7m x 1m, hole in a wall between two rooms, covered with a scrim. This space will be used primarily for video works. The Scrim is viewable from both sides, a fact which should be considered when proposing works.

- The Dining Room. our dining room comes completely empty, and is appx. 4m x 3m. This space can be used for a large sculptural work, installations, performances, audio work, etc.

- The Backyard. we have a small, unkempt, mostly concrete-covered backyard, which, legend has it, has a pond hidden somewhere underneath the concrete and planks of wood. There is a large brick wall at the back of the yard, and four steps leading down from the house. This space is appropriate for installations, performances, sculptures, etc.

- The Basement. We have a large, poorly-lit, unfinished basement. This space is appropriate for installations, performances, sculptures, audio work, etc.

When applying, please include:

1) A description of the proposed piece(s), including proposed presentation space
2) Bio/C.V.
3) Appropriate links, including website, images, publications, etc.
4) If the work you are proposing a new piece, any appropriate diagrams, etc.
5) Dimensions, durations and technical requirements of the proposed piece.
6) If the work has been presented previously, please include details as to where and

Submissions are ongoing. Please apply via email to
Electricity is Magic was founded in 2009 by Matt Griffin and Eric Powell as a label to release experimental electronic and electroacoustic music. To date, EiM have released 6 physical and digital records. Quickly, they expanded their scope to include curatorial and gallery projects, beginning with Vinosonic at Chicago’s Experimental Sound Studio in September 2009. Since then, EiM have partnered with artists and galleries throughout North America to create performative and time-based events in unconventional spaces and contexts.

In the spring of 2012, EiM are proud to be opening the doors to the Electricity is Magic Gallery, an apartment space at 715 Richmond St., in Toronto.

Our aim with the gallery space is to continue to present works that don’t necessarily fit comfortably within a traditional gallery context. Artists will be given the challenge of presenting work which engages with or reacts to the living space of the apartment. We are particularly interested in work which employs some aspect of technological mediation, but not necessarily as the impetus for the piece. We’re also interested in slow art, which not only requests, but often demands, and always reminds us of the pleasure in sustained viewing of a particular work.

Posting Organization
Electricity is Magic
Organization Main Email:
Contact Information:
715 Richmond St. W.
Toronto, Ontario M6J 1C4
Google Map

4th National Juried Book Arts Exhibition

Call Type: Exhibitions
Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 3/1/2012
Eligibility: Chicago
Fourth National Juried Exhibition
San Diego Book Arts
Geisel Library, University of California
San Diego, CA
May 26 to July 8, 2012

Eligibility: Artists must live or work within the USA. All structures of artists’ books, unique or limited edition are eligible. Due to case size and exhibition space, work may not exceed 30 inches in any one dimension, and the sum of all three dimensions may not exceed 48 inches.

Fee per Artist: $25 for San Diego Book Arts members, $35 for non-members.

The San Diego Book Arts Fourth National Juried Exhibition will be held at Mandeville Special Collections, Geisel Library, University of California, San Diego, May 26–July 8, 2012. A full color catalog will be available for purchase.

Juror: Carolee Campbell, Ninja Press.

Awards: Cash prizes totaling $1000 will be awarded at the opening reception.

View complete Prospectus & Entry form on website:

If you have any questions, please contact SDBA Exhibitions Chair Judy Christensen at
Contact Information
Contact Information:
San Diego Book Arts
P.O. Box 90562
San Diego, CA 92169
Google Map

2012 Kellicutt International Photo Show

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Posted by: Coastal Arts LEague
Deadline: 02/29/12

2012 Kellicutt International Photo Show - Through a Lens: Vibrant!
Sponsored by the Coastal Arts League, Half Moon Bay, CA

This year's theme: Vibrant! gives the photographer several options. Vibrant could apply to a light or hue in the composition, or it could apply to the subject, as to a person or in a street. It could even be stretched to apply to the process – check out the vibrance adjustment layer in photoshop. Which definition of “Vibrant!” will you choose?

Jurors: Scott Atkinson, Michael Collopy & Kate Jordahl
First Prize: $2,000
Exhibition: July 2012
Open to all photographers / any photographic style

Submission due by 29 Feb 2012
Submission Fees: $20 for first entry, $5 per additional entry

See last year's show Inspiration or Desperation

Call for Artist Deadline: 2012 Wells Street Art Festival

Call Type: Expos, Fairs, Festivals
Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 3/1/2012
Eligibility: Chicago
►Calling all artists! Application deadline: Thursday, March 1. ►Chicago's outdoor art festival season will be in full swing the weekend of Saturday/Sunday, June 9-10, at the 38th annual Wells Street Art Festival. One of the city's largest and most prestigious juried fine arts fairs, it is held on Wells Street between North Avenue and Division. ►The iconic festival showcases the works of more than 250 juried artists. Artwork ranges from paintings and sculptures to glasswork, photography, ceramics and more. ►Learn more/download an application at ►Questions? Call Rosie Robinson, 773.584.6633.Contact Information

Call for Artist Deadline: 2012 Fountain Square Art Festival

Call Type: Expos, Fairs, Festivals
Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 3/1/2012
Eligibility: Chicago
►Calling all artists! Application deadline: Thursday, March 1 ►For the Chicago North Shore's acclaimed and oldest juried fine arts fair: the 33rd annual Fountain Square Art Festival, Saturday & Sunday, June 23-24, in EVANSTON, IL. ►The festival takes up several blocks of downtown Evanston and showcases an eclectic mix of art including paintings, sculptures, metalwork, jewelry, glasswork, woodwork, photography, mixed media and more. ►The iconic art fest showcases the works of 225+ juried artists. ►Learn more/download an application at ►Questions? Call Rosie Robinson, 773.584.6633.

Women and Water Rights: Concerning Water Exhibition

Posted by: The Phipps Center for the Arts
Deadline: 03/01/12

2012 Call for Artists
Women & Water Rights: Concerning Water Exhibition
Dates June 15-July 22, 2012. At The Phipps Center for the Arts, Hudson, WI

Juried by a committee of artists from the original show at the Katherine Nash Gallery on the University of Minnesota Campus, 2010. Website: Deadline March 1, 2012.

Concerning Water is a juried exhibition on the theme of women and water issues designed to provide visibility for innovative work that addresses the issues of water rights global and/or local. Exhibition will include work from the original exhibition and work selected from the call. Up to 3 submissions. All media. Hand delivered and Pickup of art.

Virtual Submission: In addition accepting digital submissions for a virtual exhibit. Also short films not more than 3 minutes.

More information, for submission details and form, contact Teri Power, Barb Bend,

Submit to Recession Art's Spring 2012 Group Show

Recession Art
(Brooklyn NY)
Everything is Index, Nothing is History

Recession Art is now accepting submissions of artwork in all media for our next exhibition, to be held at the Invisible Dog in Brooklyn from June 2 – 17, 2012. Curated by Melanie Kress, Everything is Index is an exhibition about writing and interpreting history, specifically contrasting histories written through language with histories inscribed on the physical world. An “index” may be a footprint, a scar, a photograph—a document pointing to a moment in time. Everything is Index is an exhibition about how we experience the world as an accumulation of physical traces. Of special interest are works that engage in alternative modes of writing, framing, and interpreting history. And question how we determine truth and veracity. Works may address topics such as archive, information systems, story telling, the natural sciences, and photography.

Submissions are open to artists working in all media. The deadline for submissions is March 2. Artists will be notified of acceptance by April 6.

Visit to read the complete show description and terms and to access the Submission Form or email with questions.

National Juried Exhibit "botanic/ organic"

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Posted by: Union Street Gallery
Deadline: 03/02/12

Union Street Gallery will be hosting its spring national juried exhibit "botanic/organic" February 29-March 31, 2012. This exhibit will feature 60 works of art from artists from all over the nation. Art displayed represents a variety of style, technique, and media. Most of the art is inspired by nature and the natural world, and includes art that is made from organic materials. The juror Elizabeth Whiting chose art that takes the theme above and beyond the traditional landscape painting. Art chosen for this exhibit is contemporary, fresh, and contains innovative interpretations of the exhibit title.

The opening reception will be March 2, 6-9pm. This exhibit and opening reception is free and open to the public. Many of the exhibiting artsits and the juror Elizabeth Whiting will be present to engage the audience.

Call for Exhibition Proposals, Art Gallery of St. Albert

Call Type: Exhibitions
Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 3/3/2012
Eligibility: Chicago
Art Gallery of St. Albert (AGSA), a contemporary public art gallery, seeks proposals from artists working in all styles and mediums for exhibition in the 2013 calendar year.

The Gallery’s mandate is to provide enriching educational experiences that celebrate visual culture and artistic achievement through research, exhibition and interpretation.

The Gallery strives to provide an exhibition schedule and corresponding public programs that both support educationally challenging art and appeal to its many audiences. Artworks need to provide vision, inspiration and education for residents of St. Albert and surrounding communities. The exhibition selection reflects originality and a diversity of styles and mediums. The Gallery presents artists who exhibit locally, nationally and internationally. Artwork is adjudicated by a panel of visual art professionals who represent a spectrum of expertise in the visual arts. The artists chosen to exhibit receive CARFAC fees.


Artist’s statement (maximum 500 words)
Curriculum vitae
Contact information (mailing address, phone numbers and an email address)
Up to 10 digital images of proposed or recent work on a CD (JPEG format, max. 300 dpi, no visible signatures, no DVD’s). Only video or sound submissions on DVD or CD will be accepted
Image list (including title, medium, date and size)
Colour copies of all images in submission (1 to 3 images per page on standard photocopy paper)
Self addressed, stamped envelope with postage for the submission to be returned if not accepted
NOTE: Submission will only be accepted if the above requirements are met

Not accepted:

Email or fax submissions, slides, PowerPoint format, physical pieces of art

Additional information:

Though group submissions are accepted, the gallery recommends artists also submit as individuals
Artists may be selected for either solo exhibitions or group exhibits with compatible artworks. Please clearly indicate if you are submitting for a solo show only
Jury decisions are final
A floor plan of the AGSA exhibition area can be down loaded from here: AGSA Exhibition Area.pdf
Deadline for submissions: Saturday, March 3, 2012, 5pm
All applicants will be contacted by Saturday, June 2, 2012

Please send your submission to:

Jenny Willson-McGrath

Exhibition Curator

Art Gallery of St. Albert

19 Perron Street,

St. Albert, AB T8N 1E5

Contact Information
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number: 780.651.5741


Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Posted by: University of Southern Indiana
Deadline: 03/01/12

The City of Evansville and the University of Southern Indiana invite sculptors and sculpture collaborations to submit works/proposals to Sculpt EVV—an outdoor juried sculpture show, running June 9, 2012 through April 21, 2013. Applicants whose artworks are accepted into Sculpt EVV will receive $500.00 installation stipends for each artwork accepted and installed as well as have the opportunity to win cash awards: $20,000 purchase award, $10,000 best-in-show, $5,000 2nd place, and $1,000 3rd place. Juror Marilu Knode, Executive Director, Laumeier Sculpture Park, will select the best-in-show, 2nd, and 3rd place awards and the Sculpt EVV Purchase Award Committee will select the purchase award. Sculpt EVV will congratulate the award winners in a full page ad in Sculpture Magazine. To see the Sculpt EVV prospectus, view the exhibition sites, and submit artworks go to:

Call for Artists

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Posted by: Fort Lewis College
Deadline: 03/03/12

The Fort Lewis College Art Gallery invites artists to participate in our forthcoming exhibition, “The Raw and the Cooked,” scheduled for Fall 2012.

The exhibition will explore the process of transforming raw ideas, impulses, or materials into meaningful art. We seek to open a window onto the secret alchemy of the artistic process by presenting completed artworks alongside artists’ notes, sketches, plans, maquettes, and other preparatory materials.

To submit your work for consideration, please write to us at Include your artist résumé, statement, and 10–20 images documenting the work you propose to exhibit. Images may be transmitted as website links, .jpg or .pdf files.

Fort Lewis College is Colorado’s only public liberal arts college and boasts a strong art department. The Art Gallery strives to present exceptional work from emerging and established artists.

"The Raw and the Cooked" Call for artists

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Posted by: Fort Lewis College Art Gallery
Deadline: 03/03/12

The Fort Lewis College Art Gallery invites artists to participate in our forthcoming exhibition, “The Raw and the Cooked,” scheduled for Fall 2012. The exhibition will explore the process of transforming raw ideas, impulses, or materials into meaningful art. We seek to open a window onto the secret alchemy of the artistic process by presenting completed artworks alongside artists’ notes, sketches, plans, maquettes, and other preparatory materials. To submit your work for consideration, please write to us Include your artist resume, statement, and 10 – 20 images documenting the work you propose to exhibit. Images may be transmitted as website links, .jpg or .pdf files.

Fort Lewis College is Colorado’s only public liberal arts college and boasts a strong art department. The Art Gallery strives to present exceptional work from emerging and established artists. For info:

RE: Green

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Posted by: Slippery Rock University
Deadline: 03/01/12

RE:Green is a juried exhibition featuring work in all media with a focus on Ecological and Sustainability themes.

The exhibition will run April 2 through April 20, 2012 at the Martha Gault Art Gallery at Slippery Rock University. The juror is Jeff Schmuki.

To apply, email images by March 1, 2012 to subject line RE:Green entry. Please include an image list with title, date, materials, and size. Artists may submit up to three pieces for consideration. All work accepted must fit through an 80” x 55” door and should weigh less than 40 lbs. If accepted, you will be required to send high res images for a catalog which will accompany the exhibition. There is no fee to enter the exhibition, but artists are responsible for shipping costs to and from the gallery. Artists will be notified by March 9, 2012, and work is due at the gallery by March 23, 2012.

Emerging Curator Open Call 2012

The New York Art Residency and Studios (NARS) Foundation
(Brooklyn NY)
The New York Art Residency and Studios (NARS) Foundation is pleased to announce its second annual Emerging Curator Open Call. The Emerging Curator Program offers an opportunity for a young-in-career curator to present a group show at the NARS Foundation Gallery. The aim of the program is to encourage new dialogue and to create a platform for artists and curators to experiment and exchange ideas. The curator is provided with exhibition space and administrative support to present innovative ideas and artworks in a unique gallery surrounded by an artist community and studios.

The curator is responsible for organizing and installing/de-installing the show and writing a short essay to accompany the exhibition. NARS Foundation will provide the gallery space, insurance for the artwork during the term of the exhibition, administrative support including marketing, postcard invitations, email invites and will organize an opening reception and a Curator’s Talk. A stipend of $200 will be awarded to the selected applicant to help subsidize the cost of organizing the exhibition. There will be no other financial support towards production of artwork, installation cost, or shipping/transportation of artwork.

Submission guidelines and application forms are available for download from our website:
All applications must be delivered to the office by 5pm on March 2, 2012. A non-refundable application fee of $10 (US) is required with each application.

Calling all artists! Off the Wall Fundraiser

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Posted by: Masur Museum of Art
Deadline: 03/02/12

Calling All Artists!!
for the
Off the Wall Fundraiser
Friday, March 16, 7:00–9:00 p.m.

The Twin City Art Foundation and the Masur Museum of Art are asking artists to help with our annual silent auction fundraiser.

Artist Guidelines:
• Up to 2 works per artist
• 2D work must be no larger than 20” x 30”, preferably unframed
• 3D work must occupy no more than 4 cubic feet
• Artwork must be labeled on the back with a minimum starting bid of no more than $100
• 50% of proceeds go to the artist, and 50% to the Masur Museum. The artist may choose to give 100% of the proceeds to the Masur
• Each artist will receive one admission ticket (which includes a raffle ticket for our Bon Voyage trip raffle)
• Work must be delivered to the Masur Museum, at 1400 South Grand Street, as early as March 8 and no later than March 12 by 5:00 p.m

For more information, or to sign up to participate, please call (318) 329-2237 or e-mail

4th Annual Mountain Maryland Plein Air' Competition

National Deadline: March 2, 2012 - Come paint with us in the beautiful mountains of Western Maryland! May 29-June 2, 2012. $5,000 in artist awards, including $1,500 for Best of Show. Our 2012 Juror/Awards Judge is Steve Doherty, Editor of PleinAir magazine. Entry deadline is March 2, 2012. Three entries for $30. Digital images on CD only.

This fourth annual juried exhibition and art competition is sponsored by the Allegany Arts Council, a non-profit organization that was established in 1975 to support and grow the arts in our community. The 2012 Mountain Maryland Plein Air event will take place from Tuesday, May 29 through Sunday, June 10. Only thirty artists will be accepted to participate, and $5,000 in prize money will be awarded.

The event will begin with artist registration and an informal Welcome Reception & Dinner on Tuesday evening, from 5-7PM, at the Allegany Arts Council’s Saville Gallery in Downtown Cumberland. Over the course of the next three days, artists will paint at a variety of locations of their choosing throughout Allegany and Garrett Counties.

On Saturday, between 8AM and 10AM, each of the thirty participating artists will submit two completed, framed paintings to the Saville Gallery. All paintings must be done 'en plein air' during the course of this event without the aid of photography, and with a 36" X 36" maximum canvas size. All submitted artwork should be available for sale, and will remain on display through Sunday, June 10. At the conclusion of the exhibit, artists will need to arrange for pick-up of their artwork, or provide boxes and postage for return shipping.

Western Maryland is the ideal setting for a Plein Air event! Allegany and Garrett Counties are filled with magnificent mountain vistas, pristine state forests and parks, historic architecture, an abundance of small-town charm, and a variety of other visual attractions, like the C&O Canal, Deep Creek Lake, Dan’s Mountain, the Casselman Bridge, the Potomac River, and the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad.

Steve Doherty - 2012 Juror & Awards Judge M. Stephen Doherty earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Cornell University; taught art in public schools, colleges, and workshops; worked for an art-materials manufacturer; served as editor-in-chief of American Artist magazine for 31 years; and is now editor of PleinAir magazine, a print and digital magazine dedicated to people who enjoy artwork based on direct observation of nature. He has written a dozen art books and hundreds of magazine articles; exhibited his paintings in solo and group exhibitions; served on the advisory boards of art schools and artists’ organizations; and judged art exhibitions for museums and art societies.

The 2012 Mountain Maryland Plein Air event will award $5,000 in prizes during the Reception & Awards Ceremony at the Saville Gallery, including a $1,500 Best of Show Award, a $1,000 1st Place Award, a $750 2nd Place Award, a $500 3rd Place Award, and several $250 Honorable Mention Awards.

ENTRY GUIDELINES - Download Application
For a non-refundable fee of $30, applicants may submit up to three (3) digital images on CD. Images should be saved as separate jpeg files, each labeled with your complete initials, number of the image, and the title (or abbreviation) of the piece. No single file should exceed 2MB in size. All images must be original “plein air” artwork, created by the applicant artist, and completed within the past two years.

All entries must be postmarked by Friday, March 2, 2012 and mailed to:

Allegany Arts Council
c/o Mountain Maryland Plein Air
9 N. Centre Street
Cumberland, Maryland 21502

Accepted artists will be responsible for their own lodging during the event. However, a number of community members have agreed to host participating artists in their homes.

A 40% commission on all artwork sold during the Mountain Maryland Plein Air event will be retained by Allegany Arts Council, and all sales will be handled by representatives of the Saville Gallery. During the course of the Saville Gallery exhibition, artwork will be insured for 60% of its retail value.

Week of April 16: Jury notifications will be mailed to all artist applicants. A list of accepted artists will also be posted online at

Tuesday, May 29, 5PM: Artists will check-in at the Saville Gallery for a Welcome Reception & Dinner.

May 30-June1: Paint throughout Mountain Maryland.

Friday June 1, 6-8PM: Artists & Sponsors Reception at the home of Tom & Mary Kay Finan.

Saturday, June 2:
8AM-10AM: Two plein air paintings from each artist will be due at the Saville Gallery for hanging and awards judging.

10AM-Noon: An optional "Quick Draw" event will be held in Downtown Cumberland. Prizes will be awarded and winners will be displayed in the Saville Gallery.

5-6PM: Sponsors’ Preview at the Saville Gallery.

6-8PM: Public Opening Reception & Awards Ceremony at the Saville Gallery.

Sunday, June 3, 11AM-1PM: Plein Air Jazz Brunch.

June 3-10: Artwork remains on display in the Saville Gallery, and available for purchase.

Make your check for $30 payable to:

Allegany Arts Council
9 N. Centre Street
Cumberland, Maryland 21502

By entering the Mountain Maryland Plein Air competition and exhibit, I affirm that I have read this entire prospectus [download], and by signing the entry form I agree to be bound by all terms outlined in it. If I am accepted, I understand that I am expected to participate in both the plein air competition and the exhibit and sale. During the dates of the event, I agree to not sell any work created during Mountain Maryland Plein Air event unless I pay 40% commission to the hosting organization.

I also agree that images of work that I submit for jury and/or enter into the competition may be used by the Allegany Arts Council for publicity purposes.

Download Prospectus & Application


Bemis Residency

Type: Residencies, Workshops, Exchanges [View all]
Posted by: Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts
Deadline: 02/28/12

Few programs exist either on the national or international level where the sole mission is to support the creativity of artists. From the beginning, the art-making process has been the highest priority at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. Artists from around the world come to the Bemis Center to work in this supportive community and confront new challenges.

TIME 3 months of uninterrupted, self-directed work time.

SPACE The Bemis Center is housed in two urban warehouses totaling 110,000 square feet. Each artist is provided with a generously sized live/work studio with a private bathroom and 24 hour access to facilities including a wood shop, installation spaces, dark room and a large sculpture fabrication facility.

SUPPORT $750 monthly stipend.

Are you ready for your residency?

JANUARY 2013 - JUNE 2013
Application Deadline: February 28, 2011

Woodstock A-I-R Type: Residencies, Workshops, Exchanges [View all] Posted by: The Center for Photography at Woodstock Deadline: 02/29/12 WOODSTOCK A-I-R is a workspace residency program designed to support artists of color working in the photographic arts who reside in the United States with access to time, facilities, financial, critical, and technical support. This activity is created with an emphasis on supporting artists working in the photographic arts who are at the brink of their careers and promising talent. WOODSTOCK A-I-R encourages participants to pursue creative risk-taking in an environment rich in cultural resources. Working without distraction or interruption, participants focus intensely on their own work, continuing works in progress, setting goals for the future, and breaking new ground. In 2012 CPW will offer 7 residencies for artists of color and 1 "critical studies residency" for a curator/critic of color. For more information, visit our website or contact CPW staff at

Call Type: Residencies, Workshops, Exchanges
Deadline Type: fixed Deadline: 3/1/2012 Eligibility: Chicago Suburbs Illinois National In Process 2012 (SUMMER) Studio Residency The Carriage House (East Islip NY) Proposals are now being accepted for "In Process 2012 (SUMMER)." The galleries in the Carriage House at the Islip Art Museum are transformed into working space. 3 artists will be selected who wish to use the space as a studio from May 15 through August 15, 2012 (3 months). Each artist will be given a large, private working area with 24-hour access to the building and a monthly stipend of $500. DEADLINE: March 1 For detailed information and guidelines go to: Contact Information Contact Information: The Carriage House 50 Irish Lane East Islip, NY 11730 Google Map URL:

Kimmel Harding Nelson Center Artist Residency Call Type: Residencies, Workshops, Exchanges Deadline Type: fixed Deadline: 3/1/2012 Eligibility: Chicago Suburbs Illinois National Deadline: March 1, 2012 (ONLINE) Artist Residency Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts Nebraska City, NE The Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska City, NE offers 2- to 8-week residencies year-round for writers, visual artists, and music composers. Housing, studio space, $100/week stipend are provided. Approximately 50 residencies are awarded per year. Two deadlines each year, March 1 for the following July through December; or September 1 for the following January through June. $35 application fee. See website for complete information, guidelines and the online application portal: www.KHNCenterfortheArts.orgContact Information Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: 402-874-9600 Contact Information: Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts 801 3rd Corso Nebraska City, Nebraska 68410 Google Map URL:

Call for Artists: LESP Keyholder Residency 2012 Type: Residencies, Workshops, Exchanges [View all] Posted by: Lower East Side Printshop Deadline: 03/01/12 Keyholder Residency Program Lower East Side Printshop, New York, offers free year-long studio residencies for emerging artists. The application deadline is March 1, 2012 for residencies starting on April 1, 2012. The Keyholder Residency includes free 24/7 access to a large shared studio with printmaking facilities, $1,000 stipend, storage space and basic supplies, exhibition opportunities, educational programming, and support services. Artists from all disciplines are eligible: printmaking skills are recommended but not required, and basic instruction in printmaking is available at no cost. For more information about the residency, studio facilities, and application requirements, please visit Contact: Christine Walia, Programs Director Lower East Side Printshop, Inc. 306 West 37th Street, 6th Floor New York, NY 10018 212-673-5390

Bohemian Workshop Type: Residencies, Workshops, Exchanges [View all] Posted by: Artmill Deadline: 03/01/12 Bohemian Workshop 19 May - 9th June 2012 is a 3-week immersion program that explores the diverse intersection of art and sustainability. Based on the guild models of the Renaissance, this unique educational opportunity is presented as an alternative to the conventional classroom or studio experience. Participants work closely with mentors to develop critical perspectives about their chosen subject while gaining awareness of the contemporary culture of Czech Republic and issues of sustainability as related to creativity and the environment. The program begins in Prague with a cultural survey of the Czech capital, and continues at ArtMill Center for Sustainable Creativity, located in a rural farming community in Southern Bohemia. The program concludes with a professional exhibition of participant work held at Galerie Califia, known in the region for its program of promoting and exhibiting contemporary art. Contact for further information or visit

Artist Residency Program Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art
(Staten Island NY) SHARP SNUG HARBOR ARTIST RESIDENCY PROGRAM Applications due: February 29, 2012 SHARP offers emerging artists a supportive environment to explore their creative development for two months. Artists are provided a studio space on the ground floor of a two-story, nineteenth-century cottage. The unique opportunity is situated within 83 parkland acres of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden in the borough of Staten Island. The facility is connected to the art world of New York City, yet secluded from the urban center by a Harbor. Artists receive studio visits from guest artists and curators as part of a mentorship program. Participants are also encouraged to show recent work in the Cultural Center’s galleries. The Residency includes the Edward and Sally Van Lier Fellowship that is funded by New York Community Trust, which provides support for talented, culturally diverse, economically disadvantaged young people who are seriously dedicated to a career in the arts. The Fellowship helps artists in all disciplines at the post-college level to make the transition from formal training to professional careers. Applications due on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 for residencies between April and November. Residency Program • Edward and Sally Van Lier Fellowship $1,000 • 2 month studio space • 4 week exhibition in Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art • 1 public lecture • 1 Open-Studio day • Mentorship with guest curator/artist/museum professional • One-Day Professional Development Workshop: marketing, fundraising, networking, small-business management. • Access to Visual Art & Horticulture libraries. Eligibility - Must be a New York State resident - Must have a Bachelors of Fine Art degree by the start of the Residency. Students enrolled in an academic institution at the time of their residency are not eligible. - Must be age 30 and under - Must not be represented by a commercial gallery For an application form, please visit: More info, please contact: Website:

Call for Applications: Home Workspace Program 2012–3 / Ashkal Alwan

Call Type: Other Calls
Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 2/28/2012
Eligibility: Chicago
Ashkal Alwan is currently accepting applications for the 2nd edition of Home Workspace Program: HWP 2012–13 with RP Matthias Lilienthal.

Deadline for submissions is February 28, 2012.


The HWP is an annual, interdisciplinary arts program launched by Ashkal Alwan in 2011. The program targets emerging artists who wish to develop their formal, historical and critical skills and practice in a supportive environment in Beirut.

Each edition or class of the HWP runs for 10 months, led by a different Resident Professor (RP) each year and admitting approximately 15 participants.

Part academic, part practice-based, the curriculum consists of lectures, workshops and seminars by the RP and other leading local and international artists, writers, thinkers, filmmakers, curators, etc.

In addition to the curriculum, participants also benefit from a support-network of individuals, professionals, venues and resources around Beirut and elsewhere in Lebanon.

Participants are expected to reside in Beirut for 10 months with limited outside engagements, to participate actively in the various activities initiated by the RP and other visiting professors, and to develop and produce a project.

The HWP 2012–13 starts in October 2012.


Curriculum Committee
Grounding the program and defining its educational framework is the Home Workspace Curriculum Committee consisting of members whose artistic practices and experience in education engage a diverse range of disciplines and media. Current members of the Curricular Committee are Joana Hadjithomas, Walid Raad, Khalil Rabah, Lina Saneh and Gregory Sholette.

Resident Professor (RP)
Each year, the Curriculum Committee invites an artist, filmmaker, thinker or writer to propose a program of research and study as that year’s Resident Professor (RP). The RP acts as the yearlong ‘mentor’, working closely with participants and following up on their projects. In collaboration with the Committee, the RP shapes the year’s curriculum and invites a series of visiting professors to conduct workshops and seminars and work with participants. These workshops and seminars typically engage contemporary art and critical practices, and select lectures are opened to the public. For the current 1st edition of HWP, RP Emily Jacir has invited visiting professors Tony Chakar, Rami Daher, Mirene Arsanios, Akram Zaatari, Kamran Rastegar, Alfredo Jaar, Franco Berardi, Cesare Pitroiusti, Hito Steyerl, Hassan Khan and Lina Saneh among others.

For the 2nd edition, HWP 2012–13, Ashkal Alwan welcomes RP Matthias Lilienthal.
Read Matthias Lilienthal’s open call here.


The HWP is NOT a residency program. Although non-degree granting, HWP closely resembles a study program at the post-graduate level.


The HWP is tuition-free, and also grants participants a small budget with which to produce their end-of-year project(s).

For 2012–13, HWP will grant each participant a production budget of 1,000 USD, and the choice between a rent-free room in one of Ashkal Alwan’s shared furnished flats, or a 300 USD monthly allowance. Rooms and allowance are allocated based on preference and availability. Participants should be prepared to organize their own accommodation as the number of available rooms is limited.


Successful applicants must:

–Be artists working in any artistic discipline or medium, including video, film, performance, sound, music, installation, photography, painting, sculpture, etc OR cultural practitioners including writers, curators, thinkers, critics and academics

–Have completed undergraduate or graduate arts, arts-related or cultural studies, formal academic training or have equivalent experience

–Have a working knowledge of Arabic and/or English in order to follow the program

–Be available to commit fully to the HWP with limited other engagements

Please also note that:
–Applicants from Lebanon, the Arab region and anywhere in the world are all encouraged to apply

–Only individual candidates are considered; collectives and othercollaborating artists should submit individual applications and will be considered independently of one another

–Former applicants to HWP are welcome to apply again

Contact Information
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number: +961–1–423879


Type: Residencies, Workshops, Exchanges [View all]
Posted by: Provisions Library
Deadline: 03/01/12

Provisions Library, a non-profit instigator of arts and social change in Washington DC, is pleased to launch research residencies that investigate futures for creative civil society. The program will bring together four residents (artists, scholars, activists, and practitioners) for research-based projects that explore and extend social change themes over the course of the one month residency. Participants will gain exposure to policies, practices, and politics while exploring transformative social imaginations and strategies. The rapidly changing urban and institutional landscape of Washington DC will serve as a platform, model, and resource to propose and prepare social futures. For more information on specific residency topics visit:

International Artist Residencies 2012 AIR/HMC, Budapest

Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 2/29/2012
Call Type: Residencies, Workshops, Exchanges
Eligibility: Chicago
International Artist Residencies 2012 AIR/HMC, Budapest NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for 2012 "Artist residencies allow the time for dialogue and create connections that contribute to the future.." Deadline: February 28, 2012 E-mail address: Discipline: visual artists, writers, performers Offered program: residency, seminar, artist talk, exhibition. Eligibility: International emerging artists The HMC is a not-for-profit arts organization founded in 1990 and based in Dallas/Budapest. Please visit our website for more information and application form. Organization
Organization Main Email:
Contact Information:
2503 Costa Mesa
Dallas, TX 75228
Google Map
Organization Description:
educational, non-profit

Contact Information
Contact Name: Beata Szechy
Contact Email:

NEW PROGRAM: International Artist/Health Residencies, Ratot, Hungary 2012

Type: Residencies, Workshops, Exchanges [View all]
Posted by: HMC
Deadline: 02/29/12

at the Szell Kalman Historic Castle
___Session 1: Tuesday May 15, 2012 - Thursday, June 4, 2012 - Deadline: February 28, 2012
___Session 2: Monday, June 14, 2012 - Thursday, July 4, 2012 - Deadline: March 10, 2012
___Session 3: Monday, July 12, 2012 - Thursday, August 1, 2012 - Deadline: April 6, 2012
20 artists will be accepted for each session!
Discipline: visual artists, writers, performers
Offered program: residency, seminar, artist talk, exhibition.
The residency will be 20 days long in a beautiful 4 star castle, close to the Austrian border. Closing exhibition is organized in Budapest at a well known downtown gallery!
3 meal/day, transportation from/to Graz or Vienna Airport, local transportation, studio and exhibition is offered in the price.

NEW PROGRAM: International Artist/Health Residencies, Ratot, Hungary 2012

Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 2/28/2012
Call Type: Residencies, Workshops, Exchanges
Eligibility: Chicago
NEW PROGRAM: International Artist/Health Residencies, Ratot, Hungary 2012 at the Szell Kalman Historic Castle Dates: ___Session 1: Tuesday May 15, 2012 - Thursday, June 4, 2012 Deadline: February 28, 2012 ___Session 2: Monday, June 14, 2012 - Thursday, July 4, 2012 Deadline: March 10, 2012 ___Session 3: Monday, July 12, 2012 - Thursday, August 1, 2012 Deadline: April 6, 2012 20 artists will be accepted for each session! Discipline: visual artists, writers, performersPosting Organization
Organization Main Email:
Contact Information:
2503 Costa Mesa
Dallas, TX 75228
Google Map
Organization Description:
educational, non-profit

Contact Information
Contact Name: Beata Szechy
Contact Email:


Paducah Artist-In-Residence Program

Type: Residencies, Workshops, Exchanges [View all]
Posted by: Yeiser Art Center
Deadline: 03/01/12

The Yeiser Art Center is now accepting proposals for the Paducah Artist-in-Residence Program. The program is a collaborative effort between the Paducah Arts Alliance and the Yeiser Art Center. The residency space is located at AIR Studio in Paducah, Kentucky.

The program welcomes self-motivated, focused individuals working in a range of traditional and non-traditional visual arts practices. A monthly stipend of $500, dependent upon length of stay. Housing and studio space are provided. Residencies may range from two weeks up to two months, between April 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013.Applications are reviewed and selected on a rolling monthly basis until the program is full.

For more information and to apply, please visit

The Paducah Artist-in-Residence Program is made possible through funding from a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Paducah Renaissance Alliance.

MHS Short-term Fellowships

Type: Awards, Grants, Fellowships [View all]
Posted by: Massachusetts Historical Society
Deadline: 03/01/12

The Massachusetts Historical Society will offer approximately twenty short-term research fellowships in 2012. Depending on the fellowship, grants provide stipends of $1,500 or $2,000 and support four weeks of research at the Society sometime between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2013. For more information about the Society’s research fellowships, please visit our web site,, or contact Kate Viens (, 617-646-0568. Application deadline for MHS Short-Term fellowships: March 1, 2012.

Working Artist Org. / $500.00 Art Purchase Awards / New Music Awards / Call for Submissions

Type: Awards, Grants, Fellowships [View all]
Posted by: Working Artist Org.
Deadline: 02/29/12

We offer small monthly purchase awards/art grants to help serious artists keep working. Open to all visual artists including sculptors, mixed media, from all countries. We have added an additional award dedicated for Musicians!

Deadline for the $500.00 Working Art Grant / Purchase Awards is February 29, 2012.

For application guidelines please see:

Deadline: February 29, 2012

Scholarships for Fine Art Study in Rome

Type: Awards, Grants, Fellowships [View all]
Posted by: Rome Art Program
Deadline: 02/28/12

We offer scholarships for painting and drawing opportunities with the Rome Art Program. We welcome students pursuing their Studio Art degrees, experienced artists looking to renew their studio practice, and beginners who wish to develop their skills. Working plein-air, where the street and garden become the studio, profoundly impacts the focus and output of our participants. Scholarship funding is available now!

Our application and further information can be found at Please contact our administrator at or 646-477-1063 if you have other questions.

Summer Internship: Washington University/Island Press

Type: Internships [View all]
Posted by: Washington University/Island Press
Deadline: 02/28/12

Island Press offers summer internship opportunities for students and artists interested in print collaboration and arts administration. Internship dates are from May 21 through August 3, 2012. Internships are unpaid, but interns will receive an honorarium of $1,000 to help offset living expenses.

Application Deadline: February 28

Submit the following by e-mail to

• Brief cover letter explaining: 1) Your interest in an Island Press internship and 2) Your prior experience and how it applies to this opportunity
• Resume
• Names and contact information for 2 references
• 5 jpgs (72 dpi, 1000 pixels on longest side) of your work

See call and download pdf with description and requirements at

The Fellowship Program funded by the Leroy Neiman Foundation

Type: Awards, Grants, Fellowships [View all]
Posted by: Ox-Bow School of Art and Artists' Residency
Deadline: 03/02/12

Ox-Bow fellowship students live on campus for the duration of the summer season, from approximately June-Sept, and participate in campus life as both staff members and as artists. Fellowship students are able to reinforce their commitments to artmaking, and benefit from the intense focus and access to professional artists that life at Ox-Bow provides.

Fellows can audit one 2-week course or two 1-week courses (when space and time allows); receive studio space; a weekly stipend; free room/board; access to visiting artists for critiques; and the opportunity to exhibit their work. Ox-Bow encourages fellows to seek out as many one-on-one critiques as possible; to spend a minimum of 10 hours a week in their studios; and to attend at least 15 slide lectures over the course of the summer. Fellows are encouraged to organize their own group critiques, as each fellow shows their work in the Ox-Bow gallery.


North River Commission: Ronan Park Temporary Sculpture Installation

Call Type: Public Art
Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 2/27/2012
Eligibility: Chicago

Request for Proposals:

Multicultural Sculpture Park

and Healing Garden in Ronan Park

"Rendering for the design for the Ronan Park Multicultural Park and Healing Garden developed by local residents"

Project Introduction

The Multicultural Sculpture Park and Healing Garden in Ronan Park and the North River Commission is currently seeking submissions for temporary art pieces to be installed in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood. All sculptures need to remain in the garden for approximately one calendar year. Additionally, each art piece must be able to withstand the harsh weather conditions associated with a Chicago winter, including: high winds and frigid temperatures. But even more importantly, the sculptures themselves must represent the motivations leading to the original creation of the garden, which is to provide a safe place for the entire community to rest, reflect, and renew.

If you are an artist, and you are interested in submitting a sculpture piece in order to support this initiative, please ask the North River Commission for a full “Request for Proposal” packet, which includes:

Guidelines & Policies as a Prospective Sculptor
General Information on Ronan Park
Sculptor Proposal Submission Form
Multicultural Sculpture Park and Healing Garden Checklist Form
Please inform the North River Commission (NRC) of your interest in participating in this unique public arts opportunity by contacting our Arts & Culture Project Coordinator: Rebecca Rico at either: or (773) 478-0202 x 117. Anyone – students, school groups, pre-professionals, professionals or community groups, people of all ages and backgrounds – is eligible to submit a sculpture proposal or a concept for a sculpture.

Project Description

The Multicultural Sculpture Park and Healing Garden in Ronan Park is designed as a place where residents of, and visitors to, the greater Albany Park community can find beauty and peace. It is a place where those who have fled the violence and turmoil of their native countries or who may seek solace from the chaos and complexities of their current home life can rest, reflect and renew. In our expectations for the garden, all can experience the healing power of art and nature. The creation of the garden, its on-going development, and its enjoyment and programming, will all be done by a community-wide effort. Connections between local institutions and neighborhood associations will come together in order to bring the people of Albany Park closer to one another by overcoming the differences found within our community by focusing on the fact that we are all humans that possess a shared existence in this world.

NRC is currently seeking sculptures reflective of these goals to be installed on-site at the Multicultural Sculpture Park and Healing Garden in Ronan Park

Project Timeline

Interested parties receive a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) packet by contacting the NRC in order to register an intent to submit a proposal with Arts & Culture Coordinator: Rebecca Rico.
Submit completed sculpture proposal by: February 24, 2012.
When intent to submit a proposal is received, a member of the Sculpture Committee will contact the artists in order to discuss project details.
The Sculpture Committee will select proposals by mid-March; all participants will be notified immediately of program decisions.
Contracts setting forth the requirements and terms will be sent to selected participants and must be signed and returned by: April 6, 2012.
Site visits to sculptor’s studios to view art will be made by sculpture committee members prior to: May 1, 2012.
Installation arrangements will begin: May 1, 2012.
Installation will take place prior to: May 31, 2012, (sculptors must be present).
De-installation will take place prior to: May 31, 2013, (sculptors must be present). Sculpture Committee members will schedule individual dates at least one month prior to de-installation and all artists will be notified accordingly.
Contact Information
Contact Name: Rebecca Rico
Contact Phone Number: 773-478-0202
Contact Information:
3403 W. Lawrence Avenue
Suite 201
Chicago, IL 60625
Google Map

Public Art Opportunity - Dubuque, IA

Call Type: Public Art
Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 2/27/2012
Eligibility: Chicago
ARTIST OPPORTUNITY: City of Dubuque, IA, Art on the River, temporary public outdoor sculpture exhibit DEADLINE TO APPLY: February 27, 2012 The City of Dubuque, Iowa, is soliciting applications from qualified artists over the age of 18 for the 2012-2013 Art on the River temporary outdoor public art exhibit. Each year, 10 sculptures are chosen to be placed at highly visible locations along the picturesque Mississippi RiverWalk at the Port of Dubuque. Thousands of residents and tourists view the exhibit. Selected artists receive $1,500 for loaning the work for a year. A $1,000 cash award for Best of Show is given to one artist. Sculptures must be for sale. Up to three entries per artist are accepted. There is no application fee. General Information and Application Forms are available online at or by contacting Jan Stoffel, Arts and Cultural Affairs Coordinator, at, 563-690-6064 or 563-589-4110.