Sunday, May 30, 2010

Road Trip to Colorado



The Store I bought my first comic book at.

My old Neighborhood

I lived here for 3 years in the 90's



Thursday, May 27, 2010

MCA Denver

The MCA in Denver was a such a fun experience. While at first having a little difficulty finding the hidden black door, we found are way in. The open shelf library was one of my favorite pieces to the Museum. Since they don't have a permanent collection they ask artist who show there work there to fill a shelf in their Library. This Museum seems to be doing a lot with a little, and with its partnership with the Bellmar Labs I expect to see much more exciting art.

Open Shelf Library at MCA

Anthony Goicela Shelf

Sue Webster and Tim Noble Shelf

Michaƫl Borremans

Samuel Beckett Video Piece (Amazing!)

Elaine O'Grady

William Stockman

Eric and Heather ChanSchatz

A. G. Rizzoli

I love This.

In this assignment the kids are supposed to create there own house in monument to a friend. I really love this idea and how it relates to A. G. Rizzoli's work.