Sunday, March 23, 2008

Teach the Starlings

Brian Collier 's project "Teach the Starlings" is on view at the Paragraph Gallery, in Kansas City. His Project encompasses teaching Starlings to speak the name of "Schieffelin" the man known for bringing the birds over from Europe, with documentation of the birds around Kansas City. 

For more on Brian Collier and the Starlings click here.

Davin Watne Life is a collision" at Review studios

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Missed Connections

This is a video based of Craigslists Missed Connections section in their online classifieds. I used real ads from around Kansas City and went to the actual locations where the missed connections happend. I then recorded various people reading the ads, blurring the gender of the actual ads.

In taking the project further I went back to some of the locations and made "interventions" putting the actual ad in that public space. The photos below are my documentation of making a cake in a supermarket, putting up a window static cling on a coffee shop window, and slipping in bookmarks which had the text from the original ads.

Responses to this project and video would be greatly appreciated.

Missed Connection Intervention #1

Missed Connection Intervention #2

Missed Connection Intervention #3

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Internal Projections

Internal Projections," an exhibition of work by Ankur Desai, Vanessa Freund and Kay Renner.

The objects

"Space for the Objects in between / Objects for the Space in between," the artwork of Erica Mahinay, and Nicolette Hall is currently up at the Syringe Gallery in Kansas City. Erica's newest painting (shown in the photo) really takes her work to the next level, building on her combination of materials and process's that relate to the home. 

The Show will remain up for the next month.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New Foam Sculptures

These are some foam sculptures that deal with sexual relations between men and women in a humorous way. They're meant to be  vulgar and funny.