Monday, October 16, 2006


I shot 3 different videos over the weekend in the same space using two cameras at two different angles. This time instead of being slapped I was given permission to slap three different girls. This changes the slaps for it becomes violent and less humorous because I’m slapping girls, which Is socially wrong. But in the videos it’s obvious that they are willing participants in the exchange. They begin to critique the way I hit them, and the videos become more about how I slap like a pansy. I’m given tips on how to slap them with more force. They give me permission to hit them but to not hurt them.

I found in these videos that I’ve become more aware of my size, I see more of a contrast in my size in relation to these girls that I’m not aware of normally. As well I notice that there’s a line I don’t cross. I never go too far; I never lose control.