Monday, January 21, 2008

Lester Goldman "A Life's Work"

In 1982, Lester's solo exhibition at the Charlotte Crosby Kemper Gallery signaled a huge transition."...(Realism) wasn't answering all the questions I had, and it wasn't drawing as much on the ideas and concepts I wanted to deal with. It wasn't giving me the freedom to move around in the way I wanted to.  I did begin to change my visual language quite a bit in order to question the things that I could do through representation: embracing modes of abstraction or working away from nature or not using naturalistic source material as a way of defining form and learning to rely on my own form mechanics and invent space and symbols and everything else." Lester Goldman, Review, Summer 2005

It's a wonderful opportunity to walk into a room that houses the life's work's and investigations of one man. The Open House of Lester Goldman's paintings, sculptures and drawings held downtown on Saturday was a unique experience.  

Hopefully the cataloging, preserving, and selling of Lester Goldman's work cements his legacy in Kansas City and will re-introduce his work to the country and art world.

(A huge section of work still lay in piles
 to be photographed and cataloged.)

(My favorite piece in the show above.)