Saturday, June 28, 2008

Terrastock 7

Braving the border of Indiana and Kentucky, me and my friend Joe headed to Terrastock 7. The first night was filled with the die-hards of the Phycodelic music festival. By die hards I mean men in there late twenties to mid-forties who would be classified as music dorks. I feel safe in saying this because I to am a music dork. The women in the venue could be counted on one hand, while most of them seemed to be with the bands. Friday afternoon was nice eating my bagel to the beautifully vicious sounds of Sharon Krauss, which also lead to swooning over the cute girls in Black Forest/Black Sea.

Saturday brought out the hipsters in bright neon colors, and skinny jeans, with matching urban outfittered out girlfriends. But the music was awesome, from Tara Jane Oneil, to the incredible set by Bardo Pond. Sunday was the last day and felt like Thursday again with the majority of the crowd being diehards and band members. The best set of the day came from my hometown Virginia region Pelt, followed by Jack Rose and The Black Twigs. Makoto Kawbata ended the festival with the wailing of his classical/nosie music of solo guitar, which briefly slipped into a meta-narrative on the guitar riff from his band Acid Mothers Temple. All in all it was a great musical experience that I want get to see again for two years, but will be well worth a long car ride through the MidWest.