Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Gallery Food: La Esquina

The food section at La Esquina's July 4th opening cemented the fact that The Urban Culture Project is a front runner in quality food at gallery openings.  With meat on the grill, and a keg of boulevard (which is always at there openings!,) they never fail to disappoint. 

I went with the guacamole and chips, followed by cantelope, strawberries and Brownie bites( gotta love costco.)  The grill had just fired up when I arrived so for my second plate I went for a polish sausage, with ketchup and this time drank about half of the italian soda they had mixed in with all the diet cokes( we've gotta keep thin and get sugar!)

Heres to hoping that all Gallery Openings in Kansas City can be as delicious as this one.