Sunday, December 21, 2008


INFOstructure a show of new and emerging artist from Kansas City is up at Studio 405, a 2400 sq ft loft space above the Leedy Voulkous Art Center.    Sorry about the shakiness and low quality of some of the images, my real camera is on vacation and I had to use my old point and click.  The show was really, good with great food, and good art.  This was the first show the gallery/studio/living space of Dan and Heather and I expect they'll be more great shows there.  The Exhibition is open by appointment only now through January 9th, to schedule in appointment e-mail

Robert Heishman

Heather lamanno

Heather Lamanno

Jesses Mcacaffee

Jesse Mccaffee

Robert Heishman

Dan Lough