Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Three-Hour Tour

Join artist Paul Shortt for a three hour 'tour' to an undisclosed location in Kansas City, Missouri. Participants will depart from Grand Arts and be asked to assume the role of cultural observer once they have arrived at their destination. Exploring the location while paired with one another for short, one-on-one conversations, participants will have the opportunity to engage intimate dialogue in an unusual context, and explore bonding through shared experience. Topics inspired by the location could include interloping, public, semi-public and private space, health, illness, ethics, and family relationships.

This event is limited to a group of seven plus the artist, who will serve as guide and facilitator. Participants should be prepared to talk and meet new people, and be open to an experience that seeks communication and understanding in an unlikely social setting. TO RESERVE A SPOT, PLEASE E-MAIL GALLERY@GRANDARTS.COM. Due to limited space and transportation, you must have a confirmed e-mail reservation in order to participate on Saturday.

Paul Shortt previously directed and performed in a year-long series of monthly performances at the Fishtank Performance Studio in downtown Kansas City, called the Paul Shortt Invitational Performances. He is currently pursuing an MFA in New Media Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.