Thursday, April 05, 2012

Mechanical Turk Review of My Art #5 and #6

This is a project where I pay workers on Amazon's Mechanical Turk to review my art and website and pay them $5 dollars for 500 words. These are the 5th and 6th reviews I've received:

Review # 5

First, thank you, Paul Shortt, for the opportunity given to visit the website and go for a journey filled with artistic pleasure. Leave alone the rewards for venturing in to the journey, the pleasant surprises given here is the real worth. The attracted features are many and the most interesting ones for me are here. The ROFL CON concept is a visual treat and as said many people are vying on line to present themselves, few succeed, and Paul Shortt looks moving in the right direction and it looks like that he will have the last laugh. The three-hour tour in a hospital evoked the thoughts of a stay in a hospital in me. Paul Shortt, sharing his views with the patients and his experience encountered upon during the visit brought out the feel of compassion, which also founds a place in the heart of this budding artist. Therefore, money alone cannot fill once lives and little kind-heartedness to the unfortunates who are bundled in a hospital with chronic illness like cancer is quite impressive. As I more dwell upon his character part, I fear I may live out his artistic talents. Pillory for Market Place pictures are imaginative and the glass is innovatively placed to bring its property of reflection for projecting an artistic imaginations. In the Celia and Willet –Wandell Sculpture Park, the signboard with “Please Do not Climb on the Sculpture” finds its place with a Gentleman and he is valiantly trying to keep in a strategic position but in vain. A nice idea done with a good taste and evokes laughter in the minds of the viewers. However, it is use as good sitting space for two to watch Television is a nice ending to it. Modern Greetings tries to take out the boredom in life and tries to give a last handshake the method of “handshakes” to greet others. New methods tries methods like hitting with the mobiles, touch of different parts of the body, Reference Letter for Dating is a like a climax in a play and an ongoing project. How he is going to choose a letter is not overtly said and I feel it may be like a lottery system and chosen letter writer is a lucky one to participate in a art show. Missed connections bring in the reader the love lost in the midst of one’s life. It happens in lives, our eyes turns moist, and a read, never to miss by any reader of this website. The interactive sign is a nice guide for doing activity exercise for toddlers within a time span. The maiden show of Paul Shortt shocks Chicago with his classic hand buzzer gag emulate his talent in the start of his career itself and looks like he has never looked back. Collaborations is the real example of Paul Shortt is a different artist, as artist mostly perform single, and here his collaborative roles with other artists like Jason Dixion in Emily Roysdon's show Ecstatic Resistance bring out his uniqueness. As, I make a temporary stop here and await many more artistic ecstasies in the days ahead.

Review #6

Firstly, the modern feeling surrounding this art work combined with the humor just completely drew my attention into the art work on the Paul Shortt website. There is an instant attraction to the piece “Please Do No Climb” as the simplicity of the structure in the first picture fools you before you see the reasoning for the leveling of the steps in the second picture. Then of course, how can one not be drawn instantly to the pure blatant piece entitled “Strap-On Ballsacks” – in my opinion, a winner from the beginning with a title that couldn’t possibly resist a click. Here is where your funny bone gets a work-out and you see the ability to create smiles from art. One has to remember that art is never just to be considered the works of Picasso or Matisse, but can be any form that expresses the ideas, feelings, thoughts and downright enthusiasm of an artist for a subject which is definitely what one sees on this website. The interactivity of Paul Shortt’s art displayed here is something that also makes this collection of photos worth viewing. For instance, on the website, having “Resist” whereby he has created a poster listing a trove of ridiculous actions such as ‘push and shove’ and ‘fidget, burp, fart’ followed by the temptation to not resist at all, Shortt invites the public to take these posters and allows you to see his interest in where you will put his art. Not only does he express his desire to know, he asks you to show him. Take and picture and email it his way. Fantastic. And of course, Shortt invites everyone and allows everyone to enjoy his art. The ‘Modern Greetings’ booklet shows us the new alternatives to just shaking hands – who knew there were so many out there! And as one will see when viewing the pictures associated with this, there are many people taking advantage of the ‘double-whack’, ‘side bump’ and one of my favorites, the ‘cellphone rub’. And the bravery of the artist here just strikes the heart completely with ‘Seeking Good Conversations’. We all dream of having hilarious conversations with random strangers but who has the guts to try giving the inevitable chance of getting a bunch of crazies! Paul Shortt allowed his number to be left all around town just to have random people call him so he could express and convey the words from some conversations through different materials. In essence, Shortt manages to find a new way to both tantalize our brains, our thoughts and basically our views of everyday and not so everyday things. One must look at each of the collections on the website along with those highlighted above. It is hard to stand out in a world where so many people want to be and want to do the same thing but Shortt has accomplished quite a feat here. I laughed, I smiled, I did a quick double take (e.g. ball sacks!) but all round, I enjoyed this art.