Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Mechanical Turk Review of My Art #29

This is a project where I pay workers on Amazon's Mechanical Turk to review my art and website and pay them $5 dollars for 500 words. This is the 29th review I've received:

Art is a an abstract way for expressing inner self. Photography is one of the most known art, as music and painting are. Paul Shortt’s art combines many styles of photography, styles which, being combined, define a new style, original and very authentic. There are lots of creative ideas, simple and also complicated. All the photos express different emotions and thoughts and they are made in very different ways. A very good example is “Modern Greetings” series, which expresses joy and the pleasure of meeting new people in a different manner, instead of shaking hands and other common styles of greeting someone. A hospital tour might represent a type of art, especially when it is reproduced through photography. Each man might see a different thing in a photo and it can transmit everyone different feelings, thoughts and maybe old memories. Contemporary Farewells consists in new ways of saying goodbye. They’re different and absolutely authentic. Everything can be art, from painting and music to any action that has a special meaning. It can express whatever someone wants to express, because it can have a large variety of meanings and it can be represented in a lot of different ways. There are also many feelings and ideas that can be expressed this way. All the work that can be found on Paul Shortt’s website is a different species of art. Workshops like “How to be narcissistic” is an authentic collaboration between people and it was carefully prepared by Rhiannon Birdsall and Paul Shortt, as well. It was attentively organized, having all details spick and span, from picking egotistic statements to the red carpet and awards. “Please NO Photos” work combines the fun with an ordinary idea of “don’t take any photos” sign, which can be found in many locations. The result of this combination is an original idea. All the photos are made in a professional way, having all the details very clear and a great focus. The “Literally and Physically” work is a very authentic, interesting and complex idea. All the participants rolled on the “Rolling on the floor laughing” red carpet, as an entertaining part of this series. The “Please climb sculpture”/”Please do not climb on the sculpture” is a very interesting and tricky idea and so is the Corner Piece, which is a very funny project for all the participants. “Nimby’s” series is a very original way for entertainment, with signs like “Just looking”, “I’m Fine Thanks” and many others, which are funny not only for the participants, but for every person who sees them. Having all these kinds of arts in a perfect combination, the result consists of a very impressive, authentic and new art. With all three photography, workshops and sculpture in some cases, Paul Shortt’s creations combine entertainment with ordinary things, like the series with the signs placed in front of some buildings. And so another style of art has been created, a new and fresh one, which will develop and improve.