Monday, January 14, 2013

Mechanical Turk Review of My Art #42

This is a project where I pay workers on Amazon's Mechanical Turk to review my art and website and pay them $5 for 500 words. This is the 42nd review I've received.

"Amazing, thought provoking and real! When viewing the webpage I wasn't sure what to expect and didn't have the highest of expectations but after reviewing the photos, looking through them, feeling them, and going back to do it again just for the fun of it I can honestly say I have a wonderful new artist to add to my list of favorites! The art that has been created ranges from hearty nostalgia to a modern day take on city living and the laws that govern it! Looking through the projects it becomes clear that the level of imagination and wisdom put into these works of art are not just a fleeting thing for Paul Shortt. Some of the works took literal approaches at finding new ways of how we live life, from handshakes to manners that are dictated by day to day etiquette there is a whole new look on them after perusing these projects. The simplicity in the projects while still making you think extremely complex was absolutely mesmerizing; Every piece of art is clearly thought out and executed with perfection. I truly value the once in a life time experience that so many of these projects offered as well as the general ambiance that comes from viewing this art. Each collection is just as powerful and thought provoking as the last while always maintaing a clear air of humor, fun and wit. To understand the journey that four separate people could possibly take while randomly touring a hospital through pictures and caption is phenomenal. Very rarely these days does original art make you still feel as though it belongs in galleries. I am truly anxious and excited to be able to see where the art continues to go. The inventive use of everyday objects to convey messages are captivating. Simple things that so many take for granted, or don't ever give a second thought to like missed connections and photo signs have been morphed into this great 'live' art of sorts to truly make you think. I'm envious of the performance nights, and audience participation that is so clearly documented and seen in so many of the photos; however living through captions brings you there as well which is quite a feat for artistry these days. Variations of nearly every art form are repeated on a near daily basis and yet Paul Shortts work is completely new and enlightening to see. Projects full of brash unbiased honesty and an overwhelming sense of self confidence even when not being about self or confidence lead me to believe that this work will continue to prove wonderful.  Viewing this art will remind of you of the simple treasure of everyday life, you may be compelled to look back frequently and should not be ashamed if perhaps you cry while viewing some of these projects. My emotions personally ran the gambit while going over all the clever and intoxicating videos and art provided.  I am eager to see more of this art, and can't wait to share with those I know who need perhaps a second glance at how beautiful this life is and can be."