Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Amazon's Mechanical Turk Review of My Art #57

This is a project where I pay workers on Amazon's Mechanical Turk to review my art and website and pay them $5 for 500 words. This is the 57th review I've received.

Paul Shortt’s art website is full of surprises. I really loved his concepts and art categories. Specifically when it comes to enjoying life this website is just another example. I was wondering why an art person is willing to pay 5 dollars to someone who will write 500 good words about his website. But after I saw so many reviews and passed some time on the website I just got amazed that it could mean so much. Paul’s ideas are quite real and made in actual time frame that if you try to imagine each and every concept you will get involved in them for hours. I myself passed much time looking his “Early Work” section where each and every activity has been designed to create some special fun out of daily routing objects and still they look so unique. We can just think how much fun we can have doing these activities. He has tried to bring people’s attention towards his simple concept and I think those are really working. His art work just looks impossible to imagine in easy way. I honestly think I could never be able to do this much work and still be able to get so much success and attention. When I saw Paul’s CV I got amazed by seeing that what artist can achieve in his life? His exhibitions, photos, ideas, performances, public projects are just awesome. He has also got excellent teaching experience and so I think a means for earning money. Paul’s professional experience is just great. His audio/video assistance for many projects is his real efforts to actual industry, and I hope he can bring yet more fruitful results in industry. His press and publication contribution is also among which I loved much. I honestly think that this is Paul’s just beginning. If his work and career path just continues in this way, then I am sure in coming time we will see another Picasso or Shakespeare coming out of us. His blog “shorttage.blogspot.com” seems rolling very high with his concepts, work, photos and reviews. Paul’s views towards art seems very vast and beyond many of our understanding. In reality I am just trying to review a tip of an iceberg. One more time I just got kept watching his work called “Strap on BallSacks”. I just can’t imagine how he could make this possible in public place. Just shocking and real bravo. Paul’s website is a “modern art”. One more project I liked which is “The Business of Selling Yourself”. It is just amazing and gives clear impression of his mind and out of box thinking. Still I think I must get more and more into Paul’s website to enjoy more of his projects and how he is making all these things work. It a great deal. Hat’s off to Paul’s Art skills. I think Paul is not just an artist or a photographer or comedian or performer he is mixture of all those and coming out as a different and unique human brain. I think Paul has put true efforts and real interest into his work and his website is proof of it. Great work and keep it up!