Saturday, May 05, 2007

New Animation, Metaphors for Bringing Dicks and Vaginas Together

Through the mediums of animation, sculpture and performance I’m exploring issues of masculinity, confidence, and desire as they pertain to individuals and society. I’m interested in issues of personal growth and questioning, and how they relate to confidence and contemporary ideas of masculinity. I follow my own desires, and try not to hold myself back. By revealing my own narcissism and weakness I’m trying to reflect others. I start with questions and let the work guide me to conclusions.

In drawing and animation I’m exploring my sexual desires visually using basic formal issues of line, shape and form, combined with a cartoon abstraction. Using simple lines to convey the voluptuous shapes of the female body abstracting into vaginal and phallic forms creating an ambiguous time and space. The resulting animations are then projected onto a wall with various sounds made with my body. The process of drawing the animations on a single sheet of paper allows a dialogue with the past and the present. While the act of projecting the animations reveals both my process and desires.

I approach my images, objects and films with a seriousness and honesty that often comes out being absurd, awkward and humorous.