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Upcoming Exhibition Deadlines - Feb 19th, 2012-- Feb 25th, 2012


This is an open call to anyone who wishes to indulge in the rules of the game. Please feel free to forward.


The third installation of ASCII, the Archeospiritist Study and Consortion Initiative IL, will be held at The California Clipper on April 5, 8:30pm-10:30pm.

The first ASCII was also held at the Clipper, and the photo archives can give you a gist of the event:



ASCII is a framework of specifications/rules -- both mandatory and optional.

Participation is open to all who will adhere to the following mandatory specifications:

  1. An edition of artifacts shall be created, to be distributed freely.
  2. Editions must involve recorded audio.
  3. Attire shall always be elegant.

Let me elaborate on #1 and #2:
There's no requisite number of multiples, nor any constraints upon the media used. That would be completely up to you. Me -- I like to make 50 copies, and I generally have a bunch left over from any event I create them for. Also, I realize not everyone is keen on baking audio into plastic forms, so rule#2 implies that if rule#1 is followed, then there's room for some interesting legal circumventions.

In addition to the core specs, I'll offer the following strong recommendations (optional, but highly endorsed):
  1. Each artifact should include documentation of all specifications fulfilled, adhered to conditionally, or violated.
  2. Each artifact should bear your insignia.


Furthermore, the core ASCII specifications can be extended by participants. Yes, you can make your own Draconian specs and entice others to follow them. Such rules could address the design of the shared artifacts, methods of display, codes of conduct, attire, etc. Spec extensions are optional, and just for fun, and here are three ASCII 3 extensions for your consideration:

Moreover, participants may also undertake any of the extended specifications from the ASCII archives:

If you would like to add to these specifications, please let me know by March 5. I would like to resend the updated extensions document to everyone, with enough time for them to think them over, and hopefully begin implementation.



The event will be guided by "prompts", in lieu of any articulated themes. They will be part of the promotion of this event, and participants are welcome to deal with them in any direct, or aggressively oblique manner they choose.

The ASCII 3 prompt is a piece of writing submitted by Caroline Picard:

Here's an excerpt:
When the horse begins to take over it seeps inward -- soaked up by human tissue, the horse spreads through and quickens, stretching to consume like fire does air, like man does the earth.
In its original body, the beast was passive, docile for an eternity of service; here, having entered a new form, it gallops through arteries and sweats through pores.
The artist's veins are red and swollen: you can see through her skin where it puffs up angry, beating with new blood: greedy to possess, consume and digest. Her face remains placid. The cigarette, abandoned in its ashtray by her feet, smokes itself. She slept poorly thereafter, was turned off meat with spattered, restless nerves --

In addition, she has forwarded the following video:



Please let me know if you'd like to participate as soon as possible -- you don't need to describe the intended project, just promise me you'll adhere to the 3 mandatory ASCII rules (at least).

I will send out press announcements on March 22, and send the general email & Facebook invites out on March 30. To be listed in these invitations, I'll need to know you're participating by those dates. That said, the event is welcome to any last-minute inclusions.

Again, the deadline for proposed specification extensions is March 5.



I've compiled a list of handy resources for participants: CD/cassette duplications, free software, printing & paper recommendations, etc.

EC Brown

Call for Exhibition Proposals, Gadsden Arts Center (ONGOING)

Call Type: Exhibitions
Deadline Type: ongoing
Eligibility: Chicago

The Gadsden Arts Center invites artists and/or groups to apply to exhibit in its four exhibition spaces. The Director and Curator also curate historically significant exhibitions. In the latter regard, the Center works with private collectors to curate exhibitions of significant historical and artistic merit.

All artists or institutions wishing to exhibit must submit the GAC Exhibition Proposal Form which requires at least 10-20 quality images as examples of work to be included in an exhibition, a biographical sketch, a resume including a list of past exhibits, awards, collections, and bibliography. Artists are encouraged to exhibit a new body of work (exception: retrospectives). Proposals may be submitted at any time either by mail, email or in person.

These proposals are reviewed by the Exhibition Committee, whose role is to work in cooperation with the Executive Director and the Curator in proposing artists for exhibition, in reviewing applications for exhibition from artists and/or other interested parties, in selecting artists for exhibition, and in recommending policies and guidelines relevant to exhibitions to the GAC Board of Directors. The Exhibition Committee along with the Director/Curator screens all applicants every 3-6 months.
Artists are asked to not inquire about the status of an application. Notifications will be sent to artists/groups as soon as decisions are made. Exhibitions are scheduled 18-36 months in advance. All Exhibition Committee selection decisions are final.

For all major exhibitions (group exhibitions and Art in Gadsden excluded), the Committee will not accept applications from artists who have exhibited at GAC within 5 years, unless it is a new body of work. Exhibitions are generally open for 11 weeks but that time may vary.

Download Exhibition Proposal Form:

Visit website for more details:

Contact Information
Contact Name: Angie Barry
Contact Phone Number: (850) 627-5021
Contact Information:
Gadsden Arts Center
13 North Madison
Quincy, FL 32351
Google Map

Installation Proposals for Exhibition in New Wicker Park Gallery

Call Type: Exhibitions
Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 2/18/2012
Eligibility: Chicago
An established arts and entertainment organization is launching a new permanent art space in Wicker Park (near Damen blue line) and is currently seeking proposals for Instillations in our new large gallery space.

The curators & the organization launching this art space have previously worked with the following highlighted artists, talent, & exhibitions: John Campbell (, Artbeat Live, Art On Track 2008, Rotofugi, smART show, 25th Anniversary of Slam Extravaganza, Saul Williams, HBO Def Poets, Lollapalooza Nominated DJs, & various Grammy Award winning musicians.

The total gallery is about 1000 square feet, and the space that we are looking to show an installation in is about 12 by 12 feet, white wall raw gallery space. We are especially interested in artworks that involve light, but that is not a requirement.

To have your installation considered please submit

a proposal w/sketches, photos, or digital mock ups,

your resume

links to websites if you have one

documentation of previous work or the instillation that you are looking to install

links to press or letters of rec if applicable

We are excited to exhibit any works of art that can be curated into our upcoming shows, installation artists are required to provide assistance in installation, and may be required to provided specific tools/electronics/media for installation/exhibition of their works. Artists should be flexible to adjusting their works if installing them in their ideal fashion would create too much damage to the space. Each installation will be handled on a case by case & consultation basis.

Contact Information
Contact Phone Number: 312-802-8501

Lolk Collective: Call for Artists (ONGOING)

Call Type: Collaborators
Deadline Type: ongoing
Deadline: Fall
Eligibility: Chicago
Lolk Collective exists to facilitate art that combines the for-the-people nature of folk art with the creative freedom and versatility of contemporary art.

We are looking for artists, musicians, and all types of creatives interesting in making work which fits the aims of our project:

o Work that focuses on a shared aspect of a specific community (a town or neighborhood’s history, traditions, physical characteristics, recent events, etc.)

o Work that is public and accessible

In our aim for public, accessible projects, we encourage projects of a guerilla/street art nature and will assist artists as needed with idea development and physical implementation.

Selected artists will be interviewed and their interviews and projects will be featured on the collective website.

For a few examples of the kind of projects we are interested in, see the links below:

Our inaugural lolk project, Farewell Tevatron:

Candy Chang’s Pedestrian Timeline:

If you are interested in collaborating with Lolk Collective send a description of your project idea, location you intend to focus on, and 3 to 5 examples of your previous work to Zachary Johnson at

Contact Information
Contact Name: Zachary Johnson

Midas Touch Projects Seeks Video Art and Digital Media (ONGOING)

Call Type: Exhibitions
Deadline Type: ongoing
Eligibility: Chicago
In the coming months roving project space Midas Touch Projects will be curating a series of short video pieces to be aired as 1-hour segments on Public Access TV, tentatively once a month in Manhattan and more frequently in the Kingston area of upstate NY (as well as online). For this program we are looking in particular for video art, short film (preferably non-narrative), music videos, and any other moving image media (digital projects, etc.) that could potentially be broadcast on television.

To submit work for consideration please send the follow to

- Your video files (must be writable to DVD).

- Title and short description of each video sent.

- Link to website/youtube/online portfolio (optional).

Submissions must be appropriate for television broadcast (use your best judgment; no nudity or offensive language).

More information will be solicited upon review. If you have questions about the project or selection criteria, please email the above address.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Midas Touch Projects

National Call - Mystery Build $10k Art Challenge (Read Details)

Mystery Build
(Raleigh NC)
Mystery Build is an art challenge focused on ingenuity and resourcefulness. Contestants must create an original work of art using only the materials provided in a Mystery Build Kit. Contestants upload photos or videos of their creation and compete for $10,000 in cash prizes. Mystery Build Kits are available

The specific materials in the Kit will be unknown to you at the time of purchase, but you can expect to find some common sculpting materials like wood, metal, clay, and fiber. The Kits are 10" wide and 3.5" deep and contain around 3 lbs. of materials. All Mystery Build Kits are the same.

There is a Kids version too!

Enter individually or as a team. Visit for details.

2012 Inaugural Windsor-Whitney Biennial

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Posted by: The Biennial Project
Deadline: 02/19/12

YOU CAN PARTICIPATE in our Online Survey of American and International Art!
All work selected will be displayed in The Biennial Project's Website Gallery and in a dedicated blog posting that reaches an audience of over 2,000.

In addition all finalists will be included in a digital art display at The Biennial Project's Windsor-Whitney New York City Glittering Champagne Opening Reception to be held the night of March 2nd, 2012 at the Art Connects New York /Spattered Columns Gallery in Soho.

Prizes will include a solo gallery show on our website, and a solo blog posting to an audience of over 2,000 art lovers!

In addition, The Grand Prize Golden Saharoli Winner will attend, as a guest of The Biennial Project (travel and hotel costs not included), the February 29th VIP Reception of the other notable biennial opening in New York that week - yes, The Whitney Biennial (a $250 Value!)

Art and the Urban Garden

Brad Temkin, Mini Garden from "Private Places", 2002
Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 2/20/2012
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: Chicago
April 6 - 29, 2012
Lillstreet Art Center
4401 N. Ravenswood, Chicago, IL

Entry Deadline: February 20

Lillstreet Gallery seeks artists who work in a variety of media to participate in a special exhibition which aims to inspire viewers to get creative with their green spaces. Artists who design and craft one-of-a-kind pots, planters, garden sculptures, trellises, bird feeders/houses/baths, or outdoor furniture are invited to submit a proposal. Successful applicants will be asked to provide 1 - 6 pieces for display and sale.

Artist and gardener Barbara Cooper will lead the live botanical portion of this exhibition. Photographer Brad Temkin will present work from his "Private Places" series.

Application Requirements:
-Brief description of proposed work (250 words or less)
-images of proposed work (or representative previous work)
-retail price of proposed work

Email submission to Jess Mott Wickstrom by February 20: Please put "Urban Garden Submission" in the subject line.

Successful applicants will be notified by February 24. Final work is due to Lillstreet no later than March 27, 2012. Lillstreet Gallery encourages the sale of all work submitted for the exhibition and will retain 50% commission on sales. We does not provide materials for artists and will not reimburse for shipping and installation costs. Any unsold work will be retuned to the artist within two weeks of the exhibition closing date.Posting Organization
Organization Main Email:

Contact Information
Contact Name: Jess Mott Wickstrom
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number: 773-769-4226
Contact Information:
4401 N Ravenswood
Chicago, IL 60640
Google Map

Boundless: New Works in Contemporary Printmaking, with Juror Anne Coffin
Creative Arts Workshop
(New Haven CT)
An international exhibition with Anne Coffin, Director, International Print Center New York, serving as juror. Two winners awarded joint exhibition in 2013. Exhibition: May 18-June 22, 2012. Deadline: February 20, 2012. Download a prospectus at or send SASE to Gallery Committee, Creative Arts Workshop, 80 Audubon Street, New Haven, CT 06510 | 203-562-4927


Call Type: Exhibitions
Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 2/20/2012
Eligibility: Chicago
621 Gallery is committed to bringing contemporary art, artists, ideas, and programs to the Tallahassee Area as well as the North Florida and South Georgia regions. The exhibition committee at the 621 Gallery is now accepting applications and proposals for solo and group exhibits for the 2012-2013 exhibition season. All mediums will be considered. Application packet should include a one page cover letter containing a clear and concise proposal for your exhibition, 15 to 20 images at 300 dpi with minimum size of 4" x 6" on a CD/DVD, contact sheet (with image information: dimensions, media, date created and price or NFS), resume or CV, and artist statement. Submission materials will not be returned if a SASE is not provided. Application due date: February 20, 2012
For more information please follow the link to our website: Information
Contact Name: Cynthia Hollis
Contact Information:
621 Gallery Inc.
621 Industrial Drive
Talahassee, FL 32310
Google Map

"Scape" Group Exhibition Opportunity

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Posted by: EYA (Emerging Artists)
Deadline: 02/21/12

EYA is accepting artist submissions for an upcoming group exhibition “Scape”. “Scape” explores landscape from contemporary to traditional and realism to abstraction. Works should include but not limited to landscape, cityscape, seascape, and dreamscape. Selected works will be displayed at Village Gallery.

All artists over 18 years of age, residing in the United States are eligible. Work must have been completed within the last three years. Works must be ready to hang. We cannot accept free standing sculpture, installation, or video arts.

A non-refundable entry fee for up to 3 works $25 (Non member),$20 (member).

Selected artists will be considered for future exhibitions and/or gallery representation.

Please visit for application form. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Call for applications: chaNorth Artist Residency in Hudson Valley, NY

Call Type: Residencies, Workshops, Exchanges
Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 2/21/2012
Eligibility: National
chaNorth Artist Residency in Pine Plains, NY announces a 2012 call for applications.


Winter Residency

chaNorth is happy to announce a new Winter Residency Program. Individual artists and groups of collaborators are invited to send project proposals. Artists will be provided with studio space and living space on a weekly basis and are able to specify the amount of time they would like to be in residence.

There is not a formal application process for our winter session. If interested in off-season residency, please email with a project proposal, artist bio, links to related work, contact information and the residency dates you are requesting. Available dates: February 19-April 28.

Summer/Fall Residency

Our summer/fall residency session is comprised of five one-month sessions. Selected artists will be given a four-week residency that includes a private bedroom and studio, a fully stocked kitchen and one communal meal per day. As part of the residency artists are also given an “organic internship,” where they complete one four-hour work shift per week at McEnroe Organic Farm , allowing a deeper connection to the land and the food it produces.

Artists are responsible for travel costs and supplies. Collaborative teams of artists are invited to apply.

The resiency fee for one month is $875. Five artists will receive fully subsidized residencies at chaNorth.

2012 Summer/Fall residency dates:
Session 1: May 4-June 1
Session 2: June 4-July 2
Session 3: July 6-August 3
Session 4: August 6-Sept 3
Session 5: Sept 7-Oct 5

Applications are due February 21, 2012.

More information and applications:

National Call for Artists "PoorQuality: Inequality" from Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University

Call Type: Exhibitions
Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 2/21/2012
Eligibility: International
PoorQuality: Inequality

Call for Artists to respond to experiments on economic inequality

Hosted by Dan Ariely and the Center for Advanced Hindsight, Duke University

Deadline Tuesday, February 21st, 9PM EST

Artists from around the world are invited to attend a discussion on social and economic inequality (from the lab that hosted the “Creative Dishonesty” project), on Wednesday, February 22nd at 7 PM EST. (Artists who do not live within driving distance of Durham, NC will watch the forum streaming live online.)

Interested artists are to RSVP to the curator, Catherine Howard, at by Tuesday, February 21st by 9 PM.

After the forum, artists interested in creating artwork in response to the research will complete an online application, including a 1-page explanation of the artist’s creative process and 2-3 digital images of past work. To be considered, applications must be submitted by Monday, February 27th at 9 PM.

Artists will be notified if they are selected to participate by February 29th and will receive a $100 stipend to complete their piece. There is no limitation to the style or media of pieces created for “PoorQuality” but all work must be completed by May 5th.

Artwork created for “PoorQuality” will be on display the Center for Advanced Hindsight from June 1st to August 31st with a reception on June 22nd. An exhibit catalogue, including responses and reflections by the artists and the researchers, will be published. Each artist will receive a copy.

Artists will retain all rights to their piece. Works will be returned to artists after the exhibit by September 15th, 2012. If the piece is purchased, the $100 stipend will be deducted from the purchase price.

Important Deadlines

Feb 22, 7 PM – “PoorQuality: Inequality” forum at the Center for Advanced Hindsight

Feb 27, 9 PM – Deadline to apply for participation

Feb 29, 9 AM – Selected artists will be notified

May 5, 9 PM – Drop-off deadline

Jun 22, 6 PM – 10 PM - Opening reception at the Center for Advanced Hindsight

For more information about the “PoorQuality” project, contact curator Catherine Howard at

Learn more about this research at

Contact Information
Contact Name: Catherine Howard

Decked: An Art Exhibition Showcasing Skateboard Inspired Works

Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 2/22/2012
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: Chicago
The Black Cloud Gallery would like to extend an invitation to exhibit your work in a skateboard- themed group art show. We are primarily seeking Chicago area artists; however, if you’re passionate about skateboarding, send us your creations.

Our intent is to have an in depth and varied exhibition that celebrates the independent and innovative spirit of skateboarding. Artwork chosen from Small Town Skate Shop’s 5th Annual Skate Show will create the basis of this exhibit. The selected artwork will be transferred to Black Cloud Gallery, where works from other local artists (that’s you!) will be added. The Chicago-based company Character Skateboards will also be premiering their new decks and celebrating their 10 year anniversary.

This will be a curated show, so not all submissions will be accepted. Our space is limited to 1300 sq. ft. but 10 years of Character skateboard decks will be displayed, and will take up a considerable amount of space.

We are accepting up to 5 electronic submissions per artist. Art in any medium is welcome, just make sure you limit your entries to 5 total and that it’s skateboard themed! Please email submissions including titles and dimensions to Once your submissions are received, we will notify you via email regarding which artwork is accepted. Entries will be accepted no later than Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012. Feel free to visit us at the gallery before the show, or check us out at

Join us at Black Cloud Gallery for the opening event on Friday, March 2nd. We will have a second showing for Second Fridays on Friday, March 9th.

Thank you for your time, and we can't wait to see your submissions!

Posting Organization
Black Cloud Gallery
Organization Main Email:
Contact Information:
1909 South Halsted
Chicago, IL 60616
Google Map
Organization Description:
The Black Cloud Gallery is committed to providing opportunities for artists at all levels of establishment in a variety of mediums. Comprised of a small group of passionate artists itself, The Black Cloud Gallery hopes to serve as a legitimate home for artists who are serious about their work. As a for-profit organization, we are also dedicated to sell an artist’s work with the sincere hope to develop one’s success on a professional level.

As a member of the Chicago Arts District, the Black Cloud Gallery is a part of a larger network of galleries and retailers in Pilsen and participates in events like 2nd Fridays and the Pilsen East Artist’s Open House, gaining access to a diverse group of patrons from around the Chicagoland area.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Lauren Richards
Contact Information:
1909 S. Halsted
Chicago, IL 60608
Google Map


(Posted: 1/2/11) -- Darkroom Gallery in Essex Jct., Vermont seeks entries for an international photography exhibition, March 22 - April 15, 2012. Free framing/matting, Juror's Choice, Peoples Choice. Juror: Nikos Economopoulos. Spontaneity is the hallmark for great documentary and street photography where the moments of life, often ironic, poignant, emotionally charged, tragic or absurd are frozen. Many of the scenes captured by practitioners of this art, with the possible exception of war and extreme sports documentary, pass before us every day, but we do not see. This exhibit is dedicated to those who strive to see, realize and then manifest vision and moment into an image so that we can all see what is right in front of us or inaccessible in some other way. $24 entry fee. Deadline: February 22, 2012. Visit website for details, or send SASE to: Darkroom Gallery, 12 Main St. Essex Jct., VT 05452. Questions? Contact Ken Signorello at or call 802-777-FOTO.

The Natural World - Call for Artists

swell gallery: "The Natural World" - March 3 - 31, 2012
Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 2/22/2012
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: Chicago
March 3 - 31, 2012

swell gallery
123½ W. Main St (72/Higgins)
West Dundee, IL

ENTRY DEADLINE: February 22, 2012

swell gallery is seeking artists from a variety of disciplines for an exhibition centered on the broad theme of "the natural world". Botanical imagery, depictions of non-domesticated animals, birds and insects, collage work with materials sourced directly from nature, and items intended to coincide with nature, are but a few of examples. Traditional artistic mediums are welcome, as are craft mediums.

Landscape Designer Linda Haas of Tree Star Farm will present two Fairy House workshops during the exhibition's run.

Submit a minimum of 6 high quality images appropriate to the theme and the price of each, along with a brief bio and/or resume outlining your background, via email to: Links to the required images and information on the artist's website are also acceptable.

Artist is responsible for delivery and retrieval of artwork. (Pre-paid return postage with insurance, if shipped.) All work must be framed, if appropriate, or otherwise ready for display. An inventory of artwork is required, and the title and price of each work must be adhered to the work itself. Gallery commission is 25% of all sales. swell gallery reserves the right to exclude from the exhibition any works it deems inappropriate upon delivery. Accepted work is due at the gallery no later than February 26.Posting Organization
swell gallery
Organization Main Email:
Contact Information:
123½ W. Main Street (72/Higgins)
West Dundee, IL 60118
Google Map
Organization Description:
swell gallery is a 650 sf exhibition space in the lower level of a historic building in the downtown business district of West Dundee - just 1 block from the Fox River and surrounded by independently owned specialty shops, restaurants & pubs.

swell gallery is an artist-run events-based exhibition space. We take pride in bringing local and regional talent to the attention of the northwest suburbs, and helping artists expand their resumes and find new collectors and supporters.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Kim Frieders Tibbetts

23rd Annual Juried Show

Type: Exhibition Opportunities [View all]
Posted by: Contemporary Arts Center
Deadline: 02/24/12

The Annual Juried Show is the Contemporary Arts Center’s (CAC) opportunity to expose artists working in contemporary visual arts to a wide audience. This exhibition is a prominent showcase in the Southern Nevada region and highlights the exceptional work of national and international emerging artists in all media. National and international artists 16 years and older may submit a maximum of five works completed within the last two years and not exhibited in a previous CAC exhibition. Juror is Mat Gleason, a Los Angeles art critic, curator, commentator and writer for The Huffington Post, and founder and publisher of Coagula Art Journal. Cash prizes up to $3000 awarded. For details and to submit online go to: - email:; Phone: (702) 382-3886.

Interactive Performance Artist Call for SCOPE Art Fair March 7th - 11th

(New York NY)
chashama is looking for interactive performance artists to be apart of the NYC SCOPE Art Fair on Mar 7-11. The performance space is 100 square feet and you will perform in a three-hour+ time slot. Keep in mind audio and sound is restricted. Selected artists will be compensated. Please email proposals with a brief description of your performance in body of email, attached images and/or a link to a video/website that best illustrates your work. SUBJECT EMAIL: SCOPE Performance submission.

DEADLINE: Feb 24th,2012

For more information about the event, visit:

For more information about chashama, visit:

2012 Young Emerging Artist Competition

Phoenix Gallery
(New York City NY)
PHOENIX GALLERY 2012 Young Emerging Artist Competition. Two Artists will be selected and each given a Solo Exhibition and a one-year membership to the Phoenix Gallery in the 2012 season. Postmark Deadline: February 25, 2012. Eligibility: Artists working in all media. Jurors: Sue Stoffel, Collector & Arts Administrator. Renee Vara, Curator. Prospectus: or

Call Out for Video Art
The Standard For Spring in collaboration with Rogue Art
(Manhattan NY)
Open Call for video art projects for:
The Standard for Spring

Tara Raye Russo (Artistic Director) in collaboration with Jeanne Brasile (Founder Rogue Art and Director of Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University)

The Standard for Spring is seeking artists’ videos for an outdoor screening in some unlikely places at impromptu times by unconventional means. Artists whose work is adaptable to being projecting onto people place or things is the conceptual fit for this event.

Some examples include but are not limited to:

An impromptu screening by a wireless mobile mini projector projected onto a white wall of foamcore panels held by people.

Large scale projections onto exterior walls.

Reverse projection screenings on windows.

The Standard for Spring continues a movement of impromptu art in public spaces as set forth by festivals like: Conflux, Rogue Art, SITE Fest and Art in Odd Places. This practice allows artists to break free from the confinement of the studio and the gallery space and interact with an unsuspecting and unassuming public. This alchemic occurrence spontaneously animates a space and renders a unique experience that has the potential to momentarily alter or transcend the everyday experience.

The Standard for Spring is a one day outdoor event of performance art and video on Saturday May 19, 2012 with a rain date the following Saturday. Once the performance departs from the meat packing district, roving performances will lead the way on a walk that connects the audience from one performance and video screening to the next. Locations and artists will be updated and announced on twitter.

The theme of The Standard for Spring is “see and be seen” and embraces the idea of the world as a stage in a city where anything is possible. As its backdrop, The Standard Hotel and surrounding buildings overlooking the Highline’s promenade, induces a symbiotic type of voyeurism, mixed with a transient touristic quality. Glass highrises exemplify the idea that to be contemporary is to be transparent. The level of interconnectedness that it wishes to attain with the outdoors is limited by a separation of glass. This breach of detachment is just one example of the type of barriers that The Standard For Spring should seek to break down, integrate, occupy, reveal or create. During a time of heightened voyeuristic meddling, made possible by the Internet, our experiences are becoming the experiences of others. What we portray and how we portray it is a source of unlimited inquiry and expression.

The Standard for Spring is the art of intervention, it is seasonal, can be fleeting, confidant, of excellence, a display, whimsical, colorful, temporal, ethereal, curious, serendipitous, emergent, integrating, communicative, revealing, pheromonic, cathartic, rebellious, confrontational, flirtatious, voyeuristic, primal, restorative, airy, fragrant, prowling, alluring, warm, gay, and instinctual.
Time and Departure Location: TBA
Event Date: Saturday May 19th rain date May 26th

Submission Guidelines:
Up to 3 videos submissions per artist averaging approximately 5 minutes each
Artists must submit their videos on DVD or flash drive, .mpeg,.avi or .mov formats with an aspect ratio of 4:3.
Digital files are to be named in the following way: artistname_titleofwork.filetype (example: or smith_statement.doc)
S.A.S.E. for return of materials
Printed artist statement, C.V., website address, contact
Project proposal: For installation work or for projecting onto materials other than the ones mentioned above.
Please include with your submission a $15.00 check payable to StepOn to Design LLC

StepOn to Design is partnering with The Standard For Spring. StepOn to Design is a full service exhibition design company providing design services, vinyl lettering and fabrication for museums and galleries in the New Jersey, New York metropolitan area.
Mail submissions to:

The Standard for Spring
c/o StepOn to Design
P.O. Box 1147 Newark, NJ 07101

Submission deadline: Postmarked February 25, 2012
Notification: March 1, 2012
Questions: contact Tara,

The Smoky Hill River Festival: Fine Art Show
Deadline: February 25, 2012 (ONLINE) or (RECEIVE)

Fine Art Show
The Smoky Hill River Festival
Salina, KS
June 9 & 10, 2012

Each applicant is required to submit five quality jpg images representative of work to be exhibited in one of the following categories: Ceramics, Fiber, Glass, Jewelry, Metal, Leather, 2-D Mixed Media, 3-D Mixed Media, Painting, Paper, Photography, Sculpture, Wood, Graphics/Printmaking, Digital, or Drawing/Pastels. A sixth jpg image must show display booth with work visibly representative of the quality in the five images of your work. The booth image should also represent your professional presentation.

All work must be original, designed and executed by the accepted artist. Work created in production studios is not eligible. Only artists displaying their own original work may participate. No stand-in or proxy exhibitors will be allowed to represent the artist/s. If two artists collaborate, it is regarded as a joint (one) entry.

JURORS: The work of each applicant will be reviewed by a four-member panel of art professionals. (TBA)
The work will be juried based on originality; execution of design, technique, and craftsmanship; creative use of materials, and aesthetic qualities. Each artist’s images will be viewed simultaneously and must accurately represent work to be exhibited.

Application Options
Artists may apply to the Smoky Hill River Festival Fine Art Show in one of two ways: submitting through the ZAPP online application system ( or submitting digital jpg images directly to our office on disc with application form (

Direct Mailed Application: Please submit your completed application form, image disc, and $30 jury fee. Booth fee and optional electrical fee will be submitted with Exhibiting Agreement, upon acceptance.

ZAPPlication Application: Open the ZAPP website: and follow the website instructions. Image formatting assistance is available on the site. Your $30 jury fee will be processed online. Booth fee and optional electrical fee will be submitted with Exhibiting Agreement, upon acceptance.

Exhibit Space
Artists are provided a 10’ x 10’ Ground Space. Exhibitors set up on a large grassy area. Artist must provide display system, including canopy. Display units should be designed for outdoor use and capable of withstanding the elements.

Merit Awards: $1500, $1000, $900, $900, $700, $700, $700, $500, $500, $500
Purchase Awards for the Festival Community Art Collection: $1500
Art Patron Program purchases: $130,000

Visit website for complete details:

Download Fine Art Show Application:

Further Information
Karla Prickett
Festival Coordinator/Visual Arts
Salina Arts & Humanities
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Young Emerging Artist Competition

Type: Awards, Grants, Fellowships [View all]
Posted by: Phoenix Gallery
Deadline: 02/25/12

New approaches to concept and form are the life-blood of art. Young artists frequently lead the way unfettered by expectations. But a major hurdle for any artist starting out is getting their work into major urban art centers. The Phoenix Gallery, located in Chelsea, New York, is sponsoring an Emerging Artist Program to provide a venue for young artists to present their work in this context. Two Artists will be selected by jury and will be given a solo exhibition and a one-year membership to the Phoenix Gallery during the 2012 season.

Download entry form from and mail in with entry fee and CD or DVD. Entry Form must be completely filled in. Print neatly or type. Entry Fee: $25, non-refundable. Make check payable to Phoenix Gallery or through PayPal on Phoenix Gallery website.

Contact Phoenix Gallery at or (212) 226-8711.


2012 Internships at Franconia Sculpture Park

Caroline Bugby, 2011 Intern Artist
Call Type: Residencies, Workshops, Exchanges
Deadline Type: fixed
Deadline: 2/25/2012
Eligibility: International
There are three different opportunities for internships at Franconia Sculpture Park.

-Intern Artist Fellowships (

-Public Art Administrative Internship (

As part of our dedication to building expertise and experience in student, graduate and post-grad artists, Franconia invites dedicated, career-bound artists to apply for the Intern Artist Fellowship Program. Franconia works to nurture the artist growth, creativity and interaction between emerging and established artists in an outdoor, rural setting. The Intern Artist Fellowship Program provides the opportunity for students and recent graduates to experience firsthand the working life of career artists in a professional setting.

Intern Artists are provided room, board and studio space in the outdoor work area in exchange for daily assistance of the Fellowship Artists and Franconia staff.

Please visit our website for more information and instructions on how to apply.


Broadway Sculpture Project RFQ

Fashion Center BID
(New York NY)
Public Sculpture on Broadway Pedestrian Plazas
The Fashion Center Business Improvement District is seeking artists interested in submitting their qualifications to be considered for a public art installation of their existing work in the Summer of 2012 on the outdoor plazas on Broadway in the Fashion District.
DEADLINE: February 24, 2012
The Fashion Center Business Improvement District (FCBID) maintains and operates public plazas in the Fashion District along Broadway in cooperation with the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT). As part of a program to enhance the public environment and to increasing community access to art, the FCBID is inviting artists living, working, or operating in New York City to submit qualifications for consideration as the first step of a proposal process. In the second step, selected artists may be invited to submit developed proposals for their installations. Of these, one or more artists may be selected to enter into an agreement to work with the FCBID to install their work for up to two months in the summer of 2012. FCBID will consider installing between five and fifteen sculptural artworks (from one to three works per plaza). All works will be subject to approval by NYC DOT.
Artist selected to submit proposals will receive a $250 honorarium.
The project budget will be up to $40,000 total, installed and insured by the artist. The budget includes an artist fee of up to 20% of the final art project budget. As part of this fee, the selected artist(s) will be required to submit a budget, produce completed designs, show proof of insurance and have the artwork installed in coordination with the FCBID.

The five pedestrian plazas of the Broadway Boulevard project area are located on Broadway in Manhattan, between 36th Street and 41st Streets (36th to 37th Street, 37th to 38th Street, 38th to 39th Street, 39th to 40th Street, and 40th to 41st Street).

The pedestrian plazas are red, gravel-coated, areas formerly part of the Broadway roadbed which have been transformed into places of public use and enjoyment. Lined with planters of bushes, trees, flowers and other plants, the block-length plazas feature tables, chairs, benches and umbrellas to create a park-like atmosphere in midtown Manhattan.

Situated between Times Square and Herald Square, the Broadway Boulevard plazas are in one of the most heavily traversed and highly visible areas of Manhattan. Thousands of employees work in buildings around the plazas and the area is a major pedestrian corridor for tourists and commuters. Additionally, as the home of the American fashion, the district is an international market, bringing in tens of thousands of business visitors annually from across the country and around the world.

Artists are strongly encouraged to visit Broadway Boulevard in the Fashion District before responding to this RFQ.

For this program, FCBID is seeking to have installed artwork which will have strong visual impact and which will complement or otherwise enhance and highlight the public plazas and the Fashion District. As described above, works selected for installation will be outdoors for an extended period of time and exposed to significant and generally unmonitored pedestrian traffic.
Artists selected in this phase of the process will present their background, qualifications, and examples of their artwork which will establish their ability to present and install works with the following qualities:
*Artistic Merit: The artist’s work must demonstrate a high standard of design and proficiency in their medium
*Site Suitability: The artist’s work must demonstrate that their work would be suitable to the environmental and social context in which it would be placed, including, but not limited to, concept, size, and visual quality.
*Durability: The artist must demonstrate that their work would be constructed from durable materials suitable for outdoor installation. Works would need to be weatherproof, not easy to vandalize, and easy to maintain.
Interested parties must submit, in a single document, the following:
*Contact Information: Name, Address, Telephone, Email, Website.
*General description of your work including materials (up to 250 words).
*Brief artistic statement of work and how it could relate to this project, including the plaza sites and the Fashion District neighborhood (up to 500 words).
*Current Artist Resume or CV
*Documentation of previous public installation works.
*Up to fifteen (15) images of your existing work in jpeg format, 300 dpi, 5” x 7 “ Include a JPEG (or slide inventory if CD not possible) list with your name, phone number, email address, title of artwork, medium, dimensions, and date of each artwork. Include in word of PDF on CD.

All required information should be sent on a CD. Please label CDs with your name, phone number, and email, including all documents listed below in word or PDF format. If you are unable to provide a CD please contact us (see below).

Please provide a SASE if you would like your work returned. Works will not otherwise be returned.

All submissions must be received by 5:00 PM EST, Friday, February 24, 2012 to be considered. All submissions must be mailed or delivered to:
Fashion Center BID
Re: Broadway Arts Proposals
209 W. 38th Street, 2nd Fl.
New York, NY 10018

Artists selected to continue in the process shall be notified by March 9. 2012. Only the selected artists shall receive direct notification.
All questions should be emailed to program director Jerry Scupp at .
Telephone inquiries will not be returned.

The Urban Arts Institute at Massachusetts College of Art and Design invites you to apply for two new public art projects: (PLEASE NOTE, DEADLINE IS IN MARCH)

Deadline: Friday, March 9, 2012
Lowell, MA - Two Calls for Entries for Public Art Creative Signifier Projects
Eligibility: The two projects are open to U.S. artists.

The City of Lowell, Cultural Organization of Lowell (COOL) and Lowell National Historical Park (LNHP) invite artists to apply for two public art

1. Lowell National Historical Park Visitor Center creative signifier Budget: $100,000- $125,000. Finalists will receive a $1,000 proposal
development fee.

2. Point Park creative entranceway feature Budget: $150,000-200,000. Finalists will receive a $1,000 proposal development fee. Fundraising for this project is in progress.

RFQs at:

The Urban Arts Institute at Massachusetts College of Art and Design (UrbanArts) developed a public art master plan in the context of these two initiatives, available for download along with the RFQs.

Contact: Christina Lanzl, Urban Arts Institute at Massachusetts College of Art and Design or 617.879.7973

For information related to the above-mentioned opportunities, please contact the organization
listed in the announcements rather than the Kansas City Municipal Art Commission.
Forwarded by:
Kansas City Municipal Art Commission
City Hall, 17th Floor
414 E. 12th Street
Kansas City, MO 64106
Forwarded from the Americans for the Arts' Public Art Network (PAN):
NOTE: Please read the project descriptions carefully as some projects may be limited to selected geographical areas.

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Umeå University is looking to hire Professors of
Fine Art

Professor of Fine Art 100%
Professor of Fine Art 50%
The Academy of Fine Arts at
Umeå University

Application closing date:
March 12, 2012


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Umeå University—with its 36,700 students and over 4,200 employees—is an organization in constant change and development. Umeå University conducts groundbreaking research in many areas—several in which it is among the best in the world—and others in which it is regarded as a leader in Sweden. We are one of Sweden's largest providers of education and offer a broad and attractive range of courses and programs. Our campus constitutes an inspiring environment for everyone that studies and works here.

The Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå was founded in 1987 and is an institution within the Faculty of Arts. The Academy has about 70 students in the Fine Arts program. The program has two degree levels, Bachelor of Fine Arts (3 years) and Master of Fine Arts (2 years). During the current academic year, a postgraduate program in Fine Arts has begun with three PhD students. Courses are also given in Aesthetics.

The education is oriented towards contemporary art. The Academy of Fine Arts has about 20 employees and hosts substantial activity with visiting artists, critics and curators all of whom give lectures, workshops and seminars. For further information about The Academy of Fine Arts, see

The Academy of Fine Arts moved to new premises early 2012 and will form an independent institution within the Umeå Arts Campus, which also houses Bildmuseet, the School of Architecture, the Institute of Design and HUMlab X.

The appointment as Professor of Fine Arts requires qualified artistic and pedagogical skills. On appointment of the above positions, the assessment of teaching skills will be given as much importance as the assessment of artistic skills.

The appointment as Professor of Fine Art 100% reference number 311-1174-11, is above all linked to the bachelor level with participation in separate courses in aesthetics, education at the master level as well as in the postgraduate program.

The position is appointed for three years and is renewable for a further three years if there is such a need. The position includes one's own artistic work/research at 40 per cent. Good language skills in English and Swedish are required.

The appointment as Professor of Fine Art 50% reference number 311-1172-11, is above all linked to the master level with participation in separate courses in aesthetics, education at the bachelor level as well as in the postgraduate program.

The position is appointed for two years and is renewable for a further two years if there is such a need. The position includes one's own artistic work/research at 50 per cent. Good language skills in English is required.

For eligibility requirements and assessment criteria refer to the Higher Education Ordinance chapter 4. 3 §.

Enclose in quadruplicate:
1. A brief written statement of artistic activity.
2. Verified CV and description/list of artistic works referred to.
3. A brief written statement of pedagogical experience.
4. Copies of certificates and documents referred to.

Description and documentation of qualifications must be structured in accordance with Umeå University's employment procedures.

Candidates called for an interview are required to give a lecture at the Academy of Fine Arts. Application date approx. late May.

Additional information is provided by Dean Roland Spolander, +46- (0)90-786 68 68 or Asst. Dean Per Nilsson, +46-(0)90-786 68 62.

Union information is available from SACO, +46-(0)90-786 53 65, SEKO, +46-(0)90-786 52 96 and ST, +46-(0)90-786 54 31.

Documents sent electronically should be in MS Word or PDF format.

Your complete application, marked with corresponding reference number, should be sent to the reference number as subject) or to the Registrar, Umeå University, SE-901 87 Umeå, Sweden to arrive March 12, 2012 at the latest.

We look forward to receiving your application!


Vacancy as professor/associate professor in Painting at Bergen National Academy of the Arts
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We are searching for a Professor with extensive experience in the field of Painting with ambitions to expand and test the limits of what artistic practice can be, with an interest in, and a critically inquisitive mind towards, other forms of artistic expression and possible linkages between them.

Applicants should have extensive practical experience, a strongly contextualised practice and a theoretical understanding of the artistic field including its historical, esthetic, social and political development and context.

Further, applicants should have a strong focus upon and be working with artistic research and development and demonstrate an ability to reflect critically upon artistic processes that can also be integral to teaching practices. Painting is an integrated aspect of the Department's curriculum. The successful applicant will be expected to supervise students at both Bachelor's, Master's and fellowship levels and will also be expected to provide tutorial guidance to students working within other media.

A portion of the working hours of academic staff at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts is set aside for Research and Development work and for this reason considerable resources are made available for this aspect of the post. The successful applicant will therefore have a special responsibility for artistic development work within their subject area.

The Academy offers an interesting and demanding job in a highly active environment, professional challenges and excellent working conditions. For further information on the position, don't hesitate to telephone Dean Cecilia Gelin or Rector Paula Crabtree on: + 47 - 55 58 73 00.

Application deadline
Applications must be submitted by 1 March 2012.

About Bergen National Academy of the Arts (KHiB)
Bergen National Academy of the Arts is one of two national institutions vested with a special responsibility for higher education in the field of Art and Design in Norway. KHiB has 300 students and around 100 staff members. Bergen National Academy of the Arts (short in Norwegian: KHiB) offers a three year BA and two year MA study programme in the Subject Areas Visual Communication, Furniture- and Spatial Design/Interior Architecture, Photography, Printmaking, Ceramics, Textiles and Visual Arts. KHiB also participates in the national Research Fellowship Programme in the Arts (PhD-level).

Read the whole job description and learn how to send your application: