Thursday, February 23, 2012

First Paid Review of My Website

Below is the first review I've received for a project where I pay writers on Mechanical Turk $5 dollars to write 500 words about the art on my website:

Some of your motivation for your unique style becomes more apparent as one views your adaptation to the video short. This understanding is only deepened when your educational influences are unveiled in the details of your Curriculum Vitae. New Media is definitely what I would have categorized the majority of you work as. You claimed expertise in a variety of types of paintings but this does not seem to stand out in your work, this could be perhaps your more modern sculptures and video projects really stand out among your other completed works. The first two sculptures on your very well laid out website, “Please Do Not Climb” and “Time Out Zone” have a very inorganic feel to them. These works are most definitely insoluble and give the impression of permanency and official and domineering nature pervades these works. Time Out Zone in particular caught my interest because of the contradictory nature of the commands. The only way these actions could be potentially pulled off is if someone is being put in this position by a figure of authority such as a New York City Police Officer. This theme is of inorganic oppressive pieces continues with the mirrored pillory installation. While you appear to be smiling and happy in several of the pictures and the video the piece itself conveys the feelings of an age of oppression. I know this is a knit-picky comment but the first photo of this installation I think really detracts from the validity of the statement this piece is making. This photo shows you within the pillory but the female photographer is completely visible. This makes the installation seem more of a tourist attraction or an interactive spectacle rather than perhaps a commentary upon the way shopping and commerce enslave humanity to the principles of currency. Also, the holes for the hands are much larger than they would have been upon a traditional pillory. The hand holes on this piece are circular where traditionally they would have been more of a diamond or rhombus shaped to prevent the withdraw of the hand back though the pillory itself. Your free poster piece is a very original idea in the style of John Cage’s 4:33. This idea is quintessentially “new media” and breathes a puff of life into “modern art.” I think most importantly it challenges what we think of as true art and encourages us to embrace the beauty which is all around us and can be found me proper diligence and methods are used. This is what modern are means to me, something which reaches beyond the fundamental notion of the art itself and begins to interact in the remainder of the world in such a way as to actually enhance the experience. I want to include a few comments; first the ball sack was bazaar. Second, I have not included very many comments on your videos at all because I am particular put off by this type of media. I apologize for this and am encouraged by your work.