Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Mechanical Turk Review of My Art #18

This is a project where I pay workers on Amazon's Mechanical Turk to review my art and website and pay them $5 dollars for 500 words. This is the 18th review I've received:

Paul Shortt's artworks are thought provoking pieces that explore the everyday human interaction. They are deeply reflective of the society at large, with much attention being paid to the details of everyday life. They mostly revolve around the way people communicate, and have in some ways been used as a tool to promote communication as well. Their frank nature opens up room for conversations that extend into important areas and topics not usually covered in everyday exchanges. Apart from sharing his personal thoughts, Shortt's works also tend to include the perspectives of others, so that they cover a wider range of human outlooks. This can be seen from the 'Three-Hour Tour' piece. In this way, the works are enhanced by the addition of societal value. The works offer a refreshing perspective of life in general. 

Shortt's ideas are original and non-conventional, and to a certain extent, unorthodox. They are daring and flashy, highlighting the artist's desire to express himself. A good example of such artworks is 'Paul Shortt Shocks Chicago', an effective and daring way to seek attention while passing on a message. Despite the 'shock value' it carries, the underlying idea is still communicated across, and the essence of the artwork is not diminished. While the pieces of artwork are mostly simple in design, they carry a deep meaning and bring across the creator's message succinctly. Often embellished with bright and cheerful colors, these attractive pieces of work brighten up the places they decorate, while communicating a profound message. Clutter-free and to-the-point, their message is not obscured by fanciful designs and accents. The collection of colorful posters in 'Free Poster' is one such example. However, while it is often good to leave artworks nonrepresentational and open to interpretation by the viewers, at times some pieces seemed a little too abstract to be fully appreciated. An example would be 'It's Simple, But Complicated', where the pieces may be construed, or perhaps misconstrued, as making of a political statement, or just one on the human behavior or life struggles at large. 

'Pillory for Market Place Mall' is another piece where the underlying meaning is not immediately made obvious. Much of the content of the art pieces is written in a straightforward and candid manner. This was especially evident in the piece 'The Business of Selling Yourself'. The application of such a technique on a medium meant to be spread around allows each recipient to carry this little piece of artwork around with them. Each artwork comes with an apt title that brings across its meaning in a concise manner. They encourage the viewer to ponder more deeply about the subject, thereby engaging the viewer at a deeper level. Most of the time, they also serve to help tie up the significance of the whole piece of artwork, such as in the piece 'Resist'. To sum things up, Shortt's artworks offer an innovate outlook to the interactions and practices in everyday life. Each piece is unique and original, so viewers are kept in suspense as to what the next creation will be.