Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mechanical Turk Review of My Art #27

This is a project where I pay workers on Amazon's Mechanical Turk to review my art and website and pay them $5 dollars for 500 words. This is the 27th review I've received:

This collection of art work is simply one of the more unique collections I have seen in some time. While much of the work seems to be somewhat random and without purpose, observing it closely reveals just the opposite. Paul Shortt shows off a great amount of skill in his ability to articulate daily life into an artistic creation. He demonstrates a great ability to deliver creative images through an unusual light. The quirkiness and individuality displayed through his artistic vision is certainly distinct and distinguishes Shortt from his peers. If you enjoy viewing unique displays of art and have a creative side yourself, Shortt’s work will certainly stand out and may just inspire you beyond your wildest dreams. With a great mixture of randomness, humor and a serious tone as well, Shortt’s work has a little something for everyone to enjoy. You will enjoy seeing cool displays of activities that will make you set down and think about just what you are looking at. Shortt goes into great depth in certain portions of his work, for example, he has videos that display him doing what would seem to be simple tasks, however he points out the small complications and cultural meanings that can often accompany such activities. Whether it be raising the American Flag or simply driving on the freeway, you will see these actions in a new light thanks to Shortt and his creativity. Enjoy every moment to because this type of work is rare and hard to track down in your day to day life. While enjoying this outstanding collection, you will notice that Shortt also displays a sentimental side of his work as well. He has a series of videos that go into length in regards to his personal relationship with his father. He takes us through his journey of connection with his father and gives details of their relationship and how their bond has been ultimately established. Especially interesting, Shortt dives into an unlikely connection between his career as an artist, and how it is surprisingly similar to his father’s life long work as a car mechanic. He is able to tell us that story in a way that many of us could probably relate to and one that may strike a chord with a lot of people. This ability to make such a sentimental connection is emotional and leads us all into a journey of thought about our own personal relationships with our loved ones, and how often times things may not just be what they seem. Overall, Shortt’s wide variety of work ads up to a magnificent artistic collection that is inspiring, emotional, amusing, and many other complementary words that just do not come to mind at the moment. His many valuable pieces of work serve as a great view for anyone who enjoys art in general, as I would recommend this art and give it great reviews. If you want to take a moment of reflection and give the world a look from a different point of view than your accustomed to, you should check out Paul Shortt’s work and experience its many different facets.