Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mechanical Turk Review of My Art #28

This is a project where I pay workers on Amazon's Mechanical Turk to review my art and website and pay them $5 dollars for 500 words. This is the 28th review I've received:

This is absolutely crazy! I mean where you get such weird ideas! I love each piece of your art gallery, be it the “No Photo” one or the “Seeking Good Conversation” one. But the one that I simply fall in love with is your “Free Poster”! A pure crazy and genius piece of work! I am planning to adopt this theory at my work place. I mean, giving free poster to each of my employees with a handmade certificate, I mean definitely there would be a little variation from your masterpiece. In fact, I am running short of words to describe this amazing piece of work. And I also admire the art piece called the “Roll on the floor laughing”. I am sure this must have been one of the most entertained workshops. This seems to be a perfect stress buster! I have seen a few workshops in the similar line but none as innovative as this one. I also admire the art piece called “Conversation Card”. This pretty much impressed me. I mean, rarely any one would have thought to create a bonding in such uncomfortable places like hospital! May be the same thing can also be carried out in places where the natural calamity occurred in near past! This also indicates a psychology of people at different places and different situations. The other brilliant piece of work of yours or may be I would be more correct if I say the best piece of work of yours is; “The Business of Selling Yourself”. I am simply amazed with the core idea of getting the opinion from strangers with such a unique and insane way! There can’t be a better and honest way of selling yourself. I know, sometimes you must have attracted a risk of getting rude and nasty communication but all is fair in the name of art. I personally would like to answer you for this piece of art! Now, on the negative side there are a certain piece of works that did not get much attention from me or may be I did not understand the depth of those arts. Pillory for market place mall is one such thing. I have seen this before! There is no second opinion that, every single crowd in the mall would like to take a click with this! But what des not impress me much is; this is a lesser creativity in this. I have seen similar things at in a museum at India and in some stage acts! Now, after seeing this much of art, I also take look at your earlier works and the concept of mechanically move your body as fascinating as your current works. That simply indicates that you keep a consistence tab on your creativity. I really hope to see much more such creative arts on your site! And the last word of my review is borrowed from the tagline of your art blog “Shortage”; “Where funds are low and creativity is high”! I don’t know about the low fund status but yes the creativity is extremely high!” Keep the level up!