Saturday, March 02, 2013

Mechanical Turk Review of My Art # 47

This is a project where I pay workers on Amazon's Mechanical Turk to review my art and website and pay them $5 for 500 words. This is the 47th review I've received.

As a photographer and someone who has been drawing with charcoal and pastels since she was seven, I thought that it would be wonderful to review someone’s art website – and be able to make a few buck while doing it! It was definitely an eye-opening experience about what I have been considering art. I never really thought of something like a video of someone showing picture after picture of cars that they have owned art. I’m not entirely certain that I still consider some of the works on this website art, but I can say that I am highly impressed by Paul Short’s work. I think that he has a lot of interesting points to make, and that he comes up with some creative ways to make those points. That being said, I was very amused by the “Contemporary Good-Byes page” and “How to be Narcissistic” pages. Although I don’t necessarily consider the latter art, because it seems more like just a workshop to me, I think that it says a lot about self-esteem. I also think that you can tell a lot about a person by the products that they come up with in this workshop. People who have really low self-esteems would have an issue with this workshop, and people who have really high self-esteems would come out with totally different results (such as longer lists, longer speeches, etc.) The “Contemporary Good-Byes” project was very amusing to me – especially the video with examples of the good-byes. I think that the book would be very interesting to own, and would be something amusing to share with friends. I think one of the most interesting things that he is doing is these reviews. I think that it is very interesting that he is soliciting his own reviews as a way to show the differences in how artists create press for themselves. It is a bold statement – insinuating that artists can create their own good press by picking and choosing the reviews made by others or writing their own reviews under a different name. However, Paul Short is including even bad reviews in his book and on his web page, so it seems to me that this project is less about creating his own favorable press and more about the point that he is making by doing the project. This says a lot of me about his intent to make the points that he is trying to portray in his works. I think that Paul Short has a lot to say about the human condition, and that he is trying to find new and interesting ways to get those points across; however, I am unsure about the terming of some of his works as “art.” With his “Please No Photos” project, it felt to me that a lot of the pictures were just snap shots – something that anyone could snap away with a point-and-shoot camera. Some of the pictures seemed very similar to tourist pictures. As a photographer, this kind of bugged me, because I spent a long time learning how to create art with my camera; however, I think that his finding a “different” way to discuss this aspect of the human condition was very interesting. I don’t know, for sure, what I would call some of his work, but I think it is a genius way to discuss some points that should be made. Bravo!