Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday Night Jamboree

The Friday Night Jamboree
At The Floyd Country Store in Floyd, VA

One of the few places I take pride in calling home is Floyd, Virginia. For many years I rejected my hometown for it’s one stoplight, rednecks, and hippies but as I get older I find myself enjoying its beauty and subtleties. It has remained unchanged for the past 100 years due to no major railroads and interstates running through it. So when I heard the Floyd Country Store was being remodeled I expected the worst. But this past Friday the 13th I spent watching people flat-footing. The store is much bigger and is actually functioning as a store again. There are now barrels of candy and all kinds of Floyd memorabilia. It’s pick as being a musical landmark as part of The Crooked Road, Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail as helped to revitalize tourism and growth.

My favorite part of the Jamboree is the people. I love to bring my female friends to the jamboree so the skinny man in all black will ask them to dance. My favorite character there is an old man named Leo (though he also told me his name was Ivory). He has huge sideburns and lots of excitement to dance. In Henry Miller’s The Air Conditioned Nightmare he said that the south was the last place you could find real characters, and I agree.

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