Monday, July 09, 2007

What's a Museum?

Rethinking and Redoing Museums,

For a month I and 8 other students took Rethinking and Redoing the Museum with the artist Filip Noterdaeme, who is the director of the Homeless Museum (HOMU in BKLYN). We visited 8 museums and 2 galleries (which you can read about if you scroll down). We listened to the postmodern critique of museums and the museum establishment everyday from 1-5. I also spent my nights listening to Rush Rankin talk about how to make Formalist art in my Writing and Thinking class. Rush’s argument won out. At times Filip talked too much. At times I wasn’t paying attention, or tuned out. Filip lives and breaths his museum and it took him awhile to let go of his model and let us create are own. That said it was a great experience and a great group of people I got the opportunity to work with.

My opinion hasn’t changed on museums:

They need more space for art, and need to showcase animation, performance and more contemporary art.

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