Friday, August 17, 2007

Last Animation Drawing

I’d intended to post these sooner but lacked the space to set it up and photograph. I just set up a studio in my dining room and I’m working on preliminary sketches and thinking about my next animation.

Looking at this one now I see I didn’t take it far enough, and went to far in some directions (I’m always looking for a balance). I think this was an in-between animation guiding me in a lot of new directions, which makes it just as important.

I also want to thank Alex for asking where the hair was, and our conversation about having conversations in doorways being easier because you have an exit. This animation/drawing would not have gone as far as it did with out his feedback.

I’m expecting a lot more out of my next animation and in the next few weeks will post some side projects I’ve been working on.

These are all details of the larger drawing.