Thursday, August 16, 2007

Love and Space: Akron/Family

I will forever be indebted to my friend Joe Panciera who helped make me the music snob that I am today. He introduced me to countless bands and musicians that helped me remain emotionally and spiritually alive while living in rural southwest Virginia.

One of those bands that spoke to me the most and that I can not stop talking about there greatness is Akron/Family on Swans founder Michael Gira’s label Young God Records(which put Devendra Banhart on the map). I’m not one of those people who talks about a bands earlier work as being there best, or that I was one of the first to like Modest Mouse (which I don’t, Sorry.) When I think a band is great I think everyone should be listening to them and that fact does not cheapen or lessen the music. Akron/Family is a great band that puts out incredible albums and amazing live shows. I’ve never seen a band have some much fun singing and playing to an audience (I’m lying, Man Man puts on an incredible show as well.) Their sound is takes the whole spectrum from gospel to noise to jam band. With each new album they expand and soar to new heights, their new album comes out September 18. I’m going to see them in St. Louis at the Creepy Crawl on September 8th, and if you have a chance check them out.

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