Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Anthony Goicolea

I was just introduced to the work of Anthony Goicolea. These photos are from "You and What Army," and I also I found this statment on his work:

For “You and What Army” I began working on a new series of large scale mural sized photographs in which I play more than one character within a single image. Through digital manipulation, I am able to clone myself and create scenarios in which I act out childhood incidents such as fight scenes, first kisses, and deranged play dates. These works are simultaneously rooted in nostalgia and science fiction. Many of the sets are constructed to depict suburban environments in which the cast of characters are seen undertakeing painfully awkward transformations as they undergo the journey from childhood to adulthood and the hazy boundries inbetween.

While hinting at the past and early Freudian developmental stages of youth, they also refer to new medical and technological breakthroughs in fertility drugs and gene cloning with biting cynicism and humor. Taking narcissistic fantasies one step further into the realm of the impossible and the absurd, the characters actually interact with their mirror images. Although many of them are engaged in spitting, licking, peeing or fighting, their deceptive beauty, esthetic content, and composition soften the more dramatic and gross elements in the work to inspire sympathy as well as fear.

I like the homage to Bas Jan Ader below in the installation Tea Party.

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