Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bas Jan Ader

The website for the 1970's conceptual artist Bas Jan Ader who disipeared at sea in 1975 is up. It has a selection of his videos, and other artist homages to him. It was nice to finally see his videos after reading about him and seeing his photos in books and magazines for years. There is really great article from Art In America (February 2004) which chronicles his art and life, and what happens to your art when you die. The article brings up a lot of issues and throws alot of Patrick Painters methods of reproduction into question. A youtube search pulled up this newly found fragment of Ader when he was a teacher at UC Irvine.

An edition of this video is already underway. I thought editions didn't exist anymore?

EIther way it's nice to see his videos online.

And whats with Art and Americas...umm Website if you can call it that.