Thursday, November 08, 2007

Charlotte Street Foundation Awards

The awards show for the charlotte street foundation is currently up at Grand Arts. This year’s artist are:

Cody Critcheloe
Jessica Kincaid
Emily Sall
James Trotter

Being just an awards show collection of work I felt it was a little lacking. I enjoyed the drawings of Justin Trotter and his collection of childhood toys, but wanted to see more of his drawings. The beadwork of Jessica Kincaid where just boring representations, and there wasn't enough of Emily Sall's work on display.

Cody Chritchloe’s drawings seem to just be portraits of his inner circle of friends. He travels in the same circle of Jamie Warren with her kitsch/awkward hipster Vice magazine photographs. I find that with Warren and Critchloe I’m just given 20 to 30 year old hipsters glamorizing themselves and their partying lifestyles. I admire them for staying and creating something here in Kansas City, but question there content.