Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mechanical Turk Review of My Art # 24

This is a project where I pay workers on Amazon's Mechanical Turk to review my art and website and pay them $5 dollars for 500 words. This is the 24th review I've received:

Paul Shortt’s art is original and contemporary and invokes conscious feelings and impressions of life and customs for the average citizen. Shortt is able to take a simple structure or truth from everyday life and turn it into a thought-provoking and sometimes humorous depiction. The art displays his strong sense of realism and humor in every piece documented on film. Gazing a Paul Shortt’s art helps one to perceive the innate style and artistry evident in modern life. The vivid photographs stir a sense of realism and curiosity in every picture that can be sensed by the individual. The artwork is inspiring and makes one consider the intricate designs and patterns of daily life in which they reside. Shortt’s art even challenges boundaries of what is considered proper conduct. In “Modern Greetings”, Shortt explores the various ways that individuals could choose to greet each other from fairly acceptable to hilariously absurd methods. In “Please No Photo” Shortt clearly takes a photograph of an area despite the warning, and the viewer can clearly observe the resulting image for him or herself. In “Please Do Not Climb”, Shortt invites an individual to sit down on the sculpture, but upon closer inspection the inscription forbids one to do so in the same instant. It is the same type of renegade abandon and rhetorical questioning that one can find embedded in daily life within American society that is flawlessly captured in Shortt’s art. In “Corner Piece” and “Pillory for Marketplace Mall”, Shortt explores the restraints that societal expectations have placed upon individuals. These works do well by representing the barriers that obstruct an individual’s freedom which are sometimes self-imposed. “The Narcissist” is also a collection of photographs in which individuals at a workshop identify and celebrate their egotistical tendencies. Shortt shares his insight into the matter by adding humor and acceptance into the project, and the self-description each member wrote is undeniably truthful for many others.

“Free Poster” is one of my favorites because it simply reminds people that nothing in life worth owning is really free of charge. It is because of the uniqueness and the utter realism of the art that makes them modern masterpieces. Each image is gifted with an underlying message that penetrates the subconscious and the centers of high favor within people. What makes his art special is that some of the features of the art that are viewed in Shortt’s colorful collection can actually be found in life when one pays closer attention. Shortt’s art possesses a metaphorical sense of individuality, community, and rebellious humor poised against societal standards and restrictions. The messages implied with each image are reflective of the emotions and inquiries that people often possess in secret. The artwork promotes the essence of a human culture that is both hidden and obvious, and this rare combination creates a unique experience for the viewer. Some of the messages implied are simple to understand, while others are more thought-provoking and lead to a deeper examination of What Is. It is without a doubt that Paul Shortt’s art indeed leaves a “p.s.” in one’s mind long after the image passes. I would recommend this collection to every modern artist or general appreciator of art to discover the scope of a man’s insights into how the world is perceived through his eyes and others. Every piece of Paul Shortt’s artwork is especially designed to make a striking statement. The simple truths implied within each work speak first to the mind and then fuse in the soul. The art pinpoints the issues in an unconventional light and beckons each person to make a meaningful connection within themselves. Both seasoned collectors and the ordinary person can appreciate the raw essence of Shortt’s artwork and its sheer originality. The conventional works of Paul Shortt will truly carve out a sector of the human psyche that is not found in historical art and is much appreciated in the modern world where the real message is often obscured. ---A.Austin