Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mechanical Turk Review of My Art #34

This is a project where I pay workers on Amazon's Mechanical Turk to review my art and website and pay them $5 for 500 words. This is the 34th review I've received:

I love the art on your website. It's very fun, modern and almost like a blog with pictures. A lot of the pictures also have the bonus of coming with a positive message behind it. Make someone’s day better is a great thing. The new ways of saying goodbye under "Contemporary Farewells" are hilarious. I could see those becoming a new trend. I might even have to try some of them out myself sometime. The photos and videos under "The Car My Father Gave Me" are very beautiful. It has great sentiment and also tells a story at the same time, which I really liked. Very Creative and lovely to say the least. The Please NO Photos symbol and pictures are hilarious. It is a very creative symbol and the places it is put make it even better. I wish I could see one of those around somewhere sometime. I bet they do the trick pretty well. How To Be Narcissistic is awesome. I love how the people make their own awards for themselves. The Literally and Physically pictures are cool. I have never seen anything like that, but very much enjoyed it. It's Simple, But Complicated was one of my favorites. The videos remind me so much of something I would do. They were hilarious, and look like something you would see on TV. Printed Participations were really cool. A lot of the pictures look like something that you would see going around Facebook and other popular social networking sites. They were very creative. 

Paul Shorrt Shocks Chicago looks like a ton of fun. I would love to have been there are participated in that. The Three-Hour Tour is probably one of my favorites. That is such a creative and wonderful idea. I hope this one especially gains popularity. Calvin Ball pictures came out wonderful. I love how many of them are motion shots and it almost makes the viewer feel like they are really there playing. Modern Greetings looks like a load of fun, and the people participating in the pictures look like they are very much enjoying themselves as well. I really liked Nimby's pictures too. They would for sure lighten the mood for anyone who saw them. PSI Paul Shortt Invitational pictures turned out great. Just looking at the pictures makes you wish you were there to watch it live in person. The Seeking Good Conversation pictures are wonderful. I love how you spoke to random strangers and left the messages around town. Very cool and I think goes great with the Missed Connections pictures. I would love to see one of those laying somewhere. It would be awesome. The Business of Selling Yourself pictures literally had me laughing out loud. I love the sense of humor in them and love the idea. Collaborations are beautiful pictures. The handwritten messages could really brighten someone’s day. All in all, your art is great. It is creative, funny, and has an awesome message behind it. I would not mind seeing more of it in the future.