Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mechanical Turk Review of My Art #35

This is a project where I pay workers on Amazon's Mechanical Turk to review my art and website and pay them $5 for 500 words. This is the 35th review I've received:

I think that at first look, this "art" might not be appreciated by a lot of people. I think that it would be quickly dismissed as "out there" or "off the wall." But I think that it is more like an opinion. When you peel back the layers you find a very creative and talented individual. He may not be using his talents in the best manner for all to see, however. Art interpretation is very personal of course and many times all in the eye of the beholder. I would encourage people to look deeper and not be dismissive. That said, my favorite works of art were: The 7 second award. This is a classic for those who have ever spent the afternoon or even days sitting at an art show hoping for someone to appreciate your work, only to have them give it a quick glance and move on. I love this award! The three hour tour. This hospital tour probably was very profound for those who took it. As a hospital volunteer, I would hope that the next tour could include some interaction. The patients would love to have someone just to listen for a little while to their stories. This would mean so much--perhaps the next tour. The free poster. People love this kind of stuff. How could this not be a success? And in any color that you want! I also liked Paul shocks Chicago. This puts an interesting and interactive spin on an art show. Other pieces that I really liked were the Literally and physically things. I loved the corner piece and the Please Do Not Climb on Sculpture. That piece alone, I thought was brilliant! I also liked the Collaborations. 

The Thank you notes were my very favorite piece. Something so simple and so needed were very moving. I would hope this would inspire others to do the same. Missed connections was another piece that was so poignant. I don't know how anyone couldn't have been moved by those. And how clever to display them in that manner. I didn't care for Calvinball. I think this is a display of a talent wasted. It was humorous for awhile, but the creativity could have been used in another way. From the early works, I liked the interactive signs. I am sure people got enjoyment from those. I liked the exit and mechanical. I didn't like the strap-on balls. I know that was early work, but I think it should be left out. I didn't feel that it served a point. It also might be considered vulgar by some. Business of Selling Yourself was an interesting concept, but (pardon the pun) I think Paul was selling himself short. He is talented and probably not an asshole! I think that Paul is maybe not using his talents in the best way. In order to reach a larger audience, he might want to consider a few more conventional pieces. I know that he may think that this would not suit him. And I would not want him to totally do that. I think that if he could mix in the contemporary theater with a few more conventional pieces, he could "speak" to a wider audience. Finally, in the No Photos Please section, I had a love/hate relationship with this. I loved the pictures from Chicago. I think that they were very cleverly done. But, being a native of downstate Illinois, it broke my heart to see in Allerton Park my beloved Foo Dog Garden with a red circle. The sunsinger with the red circle also was not my favorite! All in all I think that Paul has a lot of talent and creativity. Again, my suggestion would be to try and work in a few more conventional pieces to get people in the door and then he could put out his expressive pieces. There are all kinds of art and all kinds of people. I would think the goal would be to reach a kind of middle ground to share with as many people as possible. Good luck with your endeavors!