Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mechanical Turk Review of My Art #37

This is a project where I pay workers on Amazon's Mechanical Turk to review my art and website and pay them $5 for 500 words. This is the 37th review I've received:

P.S. is an artist who isn't afraid of defining himself but at the same time isn't afraid of change. In one phrase I would describe his art as "the lie that comes from truth." In his artistic venture of shocking Chicago we learn that people may need a shock to gather attention. Yet is it something one would want if it took a 'shock' to gather it? I was impressed and taken by P.S. artwork especially it's contrast. Between 'The Business of Selling Yourself' and 'How to be Narcissistic' we can truly see his intentions. Art is art and one can interpret it as we wish, perhaps I'm defining myself rather than his art...but then again that's his power. When he sells himself he sells his baggage but once it was public it no longer belonged to him...he changed. Concerning narcissism we witnessed a few people praising themselves in self-awarded certificates. Would promoting yourself in such a positive way take away from your persona until you don't belong to yourself and must reinvent? To become an individual and not a brand. This is what P.S. is and what he is not. What we are is what he represents, the moment you know when we slip away. It may seem a bit funny or irrational to believe that our personality dies once it touches the mouths of others but it does. Our soul dies when it interpreted by others, we do not know how to make others live but ourselves. Is it our society? Is it this American Capitalist system that has the audacity to preach 'sharing is caring' but when we grow up it praises competition. We no longer know how to care for one another but rather hurt. We know this, that is why we can never be what others believe we are...even if it is 'we' who insinuated their perceptions of us. P.S. is in search for the core of people, the experience evident in such works as 'Seeking Good Conversations' or his 'Invitational' pieces. I would imagine that people only are who they are at that present moment and no other time because time transforms. An experience with a person can only happen once as his art is what makes it important, precious. I would wager that none of us know how to make a friend anymore. It used to be easy as children...we had to have a pair of sneakers or a scooter and we had a friend. What happened to that ease of childhood? How did we loose it? P.S. goes to show us the extent we must go to to find a friend. Can a conversation be sparked? A friendship be discussed? Can strangers become friends? Is it a gimmick now, has it lost its honesty? The kinds of question that aroused in my mind due to P.S. boldness. To embrace P.S. is to embrace the truth that lingers in all of us but to understand him is to realize that no one knows who we are...not even ourselves.